Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is what multiculturalism ends up as.
This is what diversity will get you.
This is what happens when you go soft on minorities because of the above.
This is what lowering standards to get minorities into positions of authority (aka tokenism) brings you.
This is what failure to assure excellence in our education system has brought us too.
This is the price we now have to pay for the failure of the political classes, socialists and the MSM to listen to the concerns of the ordinary people of England.
Our cities burn, minorities riot, the followers of a foreign and malignant fascistic political system dressed in the trappings of a religion have been allowed to settle in numbers in some of our cities and demand their own laws. The indigenous population have been derided by politicians as being bigoted to even question it. When they marched in protest they were called Nazi's, scum, vermin, knuckle draggers, right wing and racist, yet it was not they who rioted.
And when the dust settles, the cover up will begin, those who burned our cities and attacked our police and ordinary folk will claim victim status yet again, it's already happening on the BBC as excuse after excuse is trotted out about cuts and police brutality by so called community leaders.The usual soundbite fools like Ken Livingstone are being dragged out too to try and put a political slant on the mindless looting by trying to blame the current government for a mess of the previous governments making.
There have even been attempts by some on the left to draw parallels with violence exhibited at EDL protests in an effort to divert blame or ameliorate the situation, save only the EDL have never burnt buses, set fire to buildings, looted shops, attacked homeowners and robbed them. These were the same people who hunted desperately for any kind of link between Anders Brievik and the EDL even to the extent of inventing a few.
This is what happens when those in power and their accomplices simply don't listen to ordinary people.

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JuliaM said...

Fully agree.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Very well said QM and totaly concur

Anonymous said...

The police aren't coping. TPTB may need to call on the ordinary (i.e. white indigneous) people to sort the problem out themselves. And we will.


Anonymous said...

Cameron and Clegg will never get a grip on this. It is inconceivable to them that they could order the Police or Army to shoot these rioters. In the eyes of the political establishment these people are "special" they are enriching our society.

How different is the approach in Northern Ireland where successive governments have reguarly sanctioned the shooting of rioters from both communities. But then the Irish are indigenous to these isles and therefore not special quite unlike the people causing the current bother in mainland Britain!!

Captain Haddock said...

I tend to agree with much of what you say QM ..

But let's not forget .. there were Whites involved too ..

No matter the skin colour of those involved, the burning & looting was nothing more & nothing less than a feral "Chavfest" ..

The fact that Chavs have been allowed, nay encouraged to proliferate & to consider themselves untouchable must be laid firmly at the door of 13 years of Socialist/Marxist misrule ..

Quiet_Man said...

Yes Captain, that's why I mentioned the education failure, when you encourage dumbing down and mediocrity, you end up with a feral generation which wants but hasn't the necessary skills to earn so takes.

Anonymous said...

"This is what multiculturalism ends up as."

Not necessarily....but it certainly became a military matter the moment it was realised police had lost control. The necessary political decision to engage a miltary solution was thereafter, not taken. An omission solely attributable to cowardice.


Forsythe said...

Captain Haddock
Of course there are few whites there and the liberal media will be told to ensure that they are in every picture possible.
This is an Afro-Carribean youth looting spree.
Let us not perpetuate this PC crap. Start saying it as it is.

opinion prole said...

This is what happens when you allow Labour to run the country for 13 years and when you allow the BBC to parrot everything the Guardian says as gospel. When Ken Livingstone's endless drivel is taken seriously. When there is no shame anywhere, from Brown trashing the economy through MPs with their snouts in the trough right down to looters robbing stores. None of them care a damn and they will all get away with it except the very stupid ones.

fred Forsythe (not the) said...

I think the BNP want to arm we English. Now there is a thought.

In relation to this latest killing of an innocent armed member of our revered minorities by institutionalised racist police: I feel a Stephen Lawrence moment about to break out.