Sunday, July 31, 2011

That's gotta hurt

Andy Chowderhead and his Muslims Against Everyone and Everything Crusades was out marching yesterday in his self proclaimed shariah controlled zones.
London 24.
Islamist fanatics who plastered stickers in streets claiming that residential areas in east London were under the control of Sharia law, have held marches in streets today (Saturday).
Around 50 members of fringe group Muslims against Crusades (MAC) walked through Leyton in a noisy protest against British society.
Marchers chanted ‘Sharia for UK’, ‘secularism go to hell’ and ‘democracy is hypocrisy.’
Meanwhile, another demonstration by the group was held in Walthamstow.
Opponents of MAC from anti-fascist organisations and left-wing groups staged their own protest at the scene.
The fundamentalists of the MAC have thrust themselves into the spotlight over the past week by claiming that streets in inner-city east London were under control by morality squads enforcing the strict code of Shariah Law.
Stickers appeared in parts of Newham which set a list of strict rules which must be followed.
Speaking to this week, MAC spokesman Anjem Choudary claimed the new campaign was a response to the murders in Oslo, Norway, by killer Anders Breivik.
Mr Choudary also admitted to that MAC does not have enough members to enforce its own ‘sticker code.’
 The EDL were monitoring the two marches though were under instructions not to get involved as the real trouble was expected to come from other groups. Still this is an eye witness report of the antics.
I was in Walthamstow today and saw the demo. There was no counter demonstration from "anti fascist groups", that is a complete lie. Before the event the socialist workers had their usual anti EDL and BNP stupid stalls then disappeared
It's well known that anti-fascist groups will only target the likes of the EDL and BNP and literally have to tie themselves in verbal knots to justify not taking action against Islamic extremists.
It was good that the EDL wasn't there it as it was countered by moderate Muslims who were debating and arguing with them. This almost turned into a fight and the police had to intervene. A quote from a moderate "I'd rather stand with the EDL", caused a big argument with Abu Izzadeen the main man at the centre of it. Elsewhere there was sporadic trouble between the two. I spoke to some moderates and they were keen to argue with these guys which was good, it needs more of them to do this. Had the EDL been there it no doubt would've been chaos with EDL blamed as usual. It was a pleasure to see the MAC lot shaking their heads in despair. I overhead some of them talking and they were clearly not happy with how the day had gone.
So there you go, a complete fiasco for both the Muslim extremists and the so called anti fascist groups who deliberately chose not to face them. Well done to the Muslim moderates who opposed them and the comment "I'd rather stand with the EDL" has got to hurt big time for both anti-fascists and MAC enthusiasts.

2 annotations:

Captain Haddock said...

Yesterday was probably the most shrewd move in the history of the EDL ..

It demonstrated beyond all doubt just what idiots, nay dangerous idiots MAC really are ..

I had begun to think that "moderate" Muslims were about as fictitious as those alleged to have voted "Yes" in Heath's corrupt EU Referendum ..

Refreshing to see that might not be the case, after all ..

thespecialone said...

Where were mainstream media? Haha. What a joke they are. Even the supposed 'right-wing' Daily Mail always has an anti-EDL slant to their reporting. Lets face it, MSM and politicians are just so afraid of offending muslims. If you are a member of the Tory Party you would have received an email begging members to give money for the problems in Somalia. In that email was also written 'Happy Ramadan'. I thought we were supposed to be a christian country?