Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things you just don't do

Rupert Murdoch is not a man I care for, his media empire is not something I care for either as its attempts to "enhance" its stories have crossed lines from the morally reprehensible if legal to the utterly repulsive and illegal hacking into peoples voicemails. How much of this he knew about? I don't know, I suspect I never will, he might be very good at covering his tracks or there simply wont be any tracks to find, either way I'm not the one doing the looking.
However, what you don't do is go up to an 80 year old guy, whatever your feelings about him or the matter in hand and try and land him one with a foam filled "custard pie"
THE man millions of TV viewers saw attacking Rupert Murdoch with shaving foam was warned yesterday that he faces a jail sentence.
His attack was staged last week as Mr Murdoch was answering MPs’ questions on the phone hacking scandal. He shoved a foam-covered plastic plate at the 80-year-old media mogul during the Home Affairs select committee hearing.
May-Bowles was stopped in his tracks by Mr Murdoch’s 41-year-old wife Wendi, who lunged forward and slapped him. Dressed in a check shirt and black combat trousers yesterday, 26-year-old May-Bowles spoke clearly to confirm his name, address and date of birth.
No doubt his (few) fans think he's hilarious, me I just think anyone who physically attacks an 80 year old guy has something wrong with their head.
I doubt he'll go to prison, though perhaps he should, I doubt he'd like it very much if anyone tried something similar on his grandparents, but no doubt in his weird world of black/white, good/evil Murdoch deserved a pie in the face, save only that it made him out to be an utter cretin in my eyes and merely distracted from the proceedings and gained Murdoch a measure of sympathy he may well not have deserved.

3 annotations:

Captain Haddock said...

I agree totally with everything you say here QM ..

But what's the difference between physically "custard pie-ing" an 80 year old man ..

And mentally traumatising & insulting a 78 year old man .. as was the situation in the infamous Ross/Brand case ?

If this cretin were to be jailed (with which I have no problem) .. then surely, the other two should also have been jailed ?

Quiet_Man said...

Good point Captain, damned good point.

Anonymous said...

"And mentally traumatising & insulting a 78 year old man .. as was the situation in the infamous Ross/Brand case ?"

Celebrity status!