Saturday, April 16, 2011

So tell us something we don't know

Apparently Labour lied to us about immigration according to Lord Glasman, one of Ed Miliband’s most senior advisers in an interview for the May edition of Progress magazine in which he tells us something we already knew and had raged about.

One of Ed Miliband’s most senior advisers has accused the last Labour government of “lying” about immigration and blamed the party for the rise of the far Right.
Ah yes, the "Far Right" one of Labours fearsome shibboleths to browbeat anyone who questioned their policies of rubbing the right's noses in multiculturalism, along with racist and bigot. Not that the right were any of those things nor were the right likely to be affected by those things either, no, the burden of coping with mass immigration fell as usual on the urban working class, Labours core vote and hardly an example of the "Far Right" at all.
Lord Glasman claimed that working class men were unable to talk about the matters important to them at Labour Party meetings without being labelled sexist or racist. 
He added: “There was no public discussion of immigration and its benefits. In fact there was a very hard rhetoric combined with a very loose policy going on.
“Labour lied to people about the extent of immigration and the extent of illegal immigration and there’s been a massive rupture of trust.”
No shit Sherlock.
Calling on “progressive” people to recognise their “responsibility for the generation of far-Right populism,” Lord Glasman suggested that Labour was partly responsible for the rise in organisations such as the English Defence League, which was founded in 2009 and organises street marches against Islamic extremism.
He said: “You consider yourself... so opposed that you don’t want to talk to them, you don’t want to engage with them, you don’t want anybody with views like that anywhere near the party.”
This, Lord Glasman said, meant that party members ignored “a hate and rage against us” from working class people “who have always been true to Labour”.
“Working class men can’t really speak at Labour Party meetings about what causes them grief, concerns about their family, concerns about immigration, love of country, without being falsely stereotyped as sexist, racist, nationalist,” he said.
Far Right populism? I presume he's not talking about a free market economy where goods and service prices are kept low by competition amongst companies and workers over wages and prices as well as low taxation.
No, "Far Right" is the Labour and MSM codeword for racists, or those who they have tarred with the racist brush, despite the fact that the only supposed "Far Right" political party (BNP) is somewhat to the left of Labour when it comes to economics. Nor are the other group the EDL "Far Right" they aren't even political, though they do seek a peaceful political solution to extreme Islam and mass immigration. Recently they've even started a campaign to force the MSM to drop the "Far Right" tag by a letter writing campaign along with complaints to the Press Complaints Commission.
Facts are as anyone who studies politics will tell you is that National Socialism and Fascism are both the bastard offspring of the far left and contain many of the lefts thoughts and philosophies in their make up, they are only termed "Far Right" to differentiate them from the "Far Left" in the same way that Monty Python took to town the various Jewish factions in "The Life of Brian" In a sense National Socialism and Fascism are the "splitters" in the family of the left in that they encompass nationalism rather than internationalism.
In essence that's where Labour really failed the working class, they became too wrapped up in multiculturalism and internationalism and ignored the ordinary patriotic folk who under normal circumstances would vote a donkey with a red rosette into parliament (and frequently did) to the extent that they took it upon themselves to vote for people and join organisations who said they'd do something about it.
Not right wing organisations as Lord Glasman and many on the left would like to have us believe, but simply groups and parties who said we'll do something about it. And it's taken how many years before anyone in Labour would even come out and admit that they deliberately dumped on their core support and had the gall to deny that there was a problem, indeed anyone who raised concerns was immediately labelled a racist, bigot, nationalist, right winger, etc.
So tell us something we didn't know Lord Glasman, because what you said in that interview we've known for years...

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WitteringsfromWitney said...

Yet another good article QM! Will link to this later today.

Captain Haddock said...

Is there a single issue about which Labour didn't lie to us ? ..

If there is, I'm damned hard pressed to recall it ..

Anonymous said...

Hope your voting Labour in Princes Park. The reds are coming home there...

Quiet_Man said...

I've never voted Labour since the days of my youth when I was naive and a bit stupid. I soon learned that there's a price for everything and socialism of any kind was a price far too high to pay.

Captain Haddock said...

I've never voted Labour either ..

In fact, I'd sooner rip out my own spleen with a pair of mole grips than do so ..

Socialism is a recognised form of mental illness ..