Sunday, April 17, 2011

So an icon of a mass murderer is ok?

There's something rotten going on at the top end (for a given value of top end) of our society it's becoming more and more prevalent over the years and involves the persecution of Christians. Now I'm not a Christian myself, well certainly not a practising one, though I was brought up with a Christian ethos and attended Sunday School and church and Christianity has shaped my life to a certain extent with my holding to certain values and code of ethics in what I hold to be right and wrong. So I follow what's going on in the news with Christians being suspended over wearing a cross, Suspended and sacked over offering to pray for people. And now threatened with the sack for having a cross in their works van in case anyone who sees it thinks the company is a Christian charity.

An electrician and former soldier faces the sack for displaying a small palm cross in the window of his company van.
Colin Atkinson, 64, from Wakefield, has been called to a disciplinary hearing at the housing association where he has worked for 15 years.
His bosses at the publicly funded Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) have demanded he remove the eight inch long cross made from woven palm leaves that sits on his dashboard.
The organisation claims the cross may cause offence but says it strongly promotes "inclusive" policies and allows employees to wear religious symbols at work.
It has provided stalls at gay pride events, held "diversity days" for travellers, and has allowed other staff to display photographs of Che Guevera*, the revolutionary leader, in their office
 So, perfectly ok to display a picture of a mass murdering revolutionary, but not a symbol of someone who said "Love your neighbour as yourself" 
Now WDH has said “We do not allow employees to display any personal representations in our vehicles, although they are free to do so upon their person" and normally that would be fair enough for me, but in this case given the lengths the company seems willing to go to in order to appease other beliefs (stalls at gay pride events, held "diversity days" for travellers, and has allowed other staff to display photographs of Che Guevera, the revolutionary leader, in their office) I rather believe that were any other faith to display a symbol in their vans that WDH would be falling over themselves to allow it or excuse it. I may be wrong of course, WDH may be entirely consistent in their policies and I'd applaud them if they were, but the continuing spate of actions designed to marginalise Christians from the mainstream is worrying and it's something I'll be keeping an eye on.

Raedwald also believes the guy is on a hiding to nothing but has an interesting solution.

*The exact number of Che’s Cuban victims has not been verified, but include people he personally
executed and those put to death under his orders. Che’s biographers consistently report that he sent
thousands to the firing squad. Over 4,000 deaths are documented to have taken place in Cuba, mostly
firing squad execution, in the first three years after Fidel Castro’s takeover (1959-1962). Che Guevara
was one of the regime’s chief executioners during this period and is said to have acknowledged ordering
"several thousand" executions. All took place without affording the victims fair trials and due process of law.

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Anonymous said...

There is no more justification for anyone wearing a Che Guevara T shirt than their would be for them sporting an image of Osama bin Laden! He was a murderous bastard with an attrocious human rights record and a complete and total lack of respect for women. What on earth does it take to wake up the blinkered lefties in this country that Che was a complete Shit and is not worthy of commemoration!!

William said...

No, No, No!
What is going on is a crass attempt by TPTB to generate civil unrest betwixt those of differing religious persuasions.

Step back and look at the bigger picture.
Health scares are ignored by the majority.
False flag terror alerts are ignored by the majority.
Unions and public sector employees 'fighting for their rights' are ignored by the majority.
The 'threat of the hooded chav' is ignored by the majority.
The 'gangsta culture' threat is ignored by the majority.
The 'drug culture' threat is ignored by the majority.

I could go on but it would get repetitive.
TPTB need a conflict to speed the European integration agenda up.
Religious conflict, always manufactured to order, has been at the root of forced change numerous times in the past and even the progressive socialists of today now realise it is just about the only thing that might get people 'at it' again.

Rant over

Captain Haddock said...

WDH will quite simply weasel their way round this one by claiming that Che Guevara was not a "religious" figure .. but a "political" one, and as such does not fall within their company policy ..

What this chap ought to do is to hang a CD from his interior driving mirror & claim to be a Sikh .. they wouldn't dare to lay a finger on him ..

Quiet_Man said...

That's what I suspect Captain, were he anything other than a Christian.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

QM Living as I do with a landlord who is a Housing Association I can speak with some authority. All Housing Associations are bound up in red-tape, the most damning of which is equality and diversity and are forced to go to great lengths to avoid causing offence to any ethnic group or religion.

The vast majority of problems in the equality and diversity field for Housing Associations arise within their General Needs properties (ie on estates) yet in Sheltered Housing (which is 60+ or older) the residents live side by side with those of other religions and races. There has not been one instance of 'trouble' to my knowledge with Sheltered Accommodation yet still Housing Associations have to burden residents with all this meaningless rubbish.

An employee of one Housing Association informed me that most of their time is spent ensuring that all the 'boxes are ticked'. I am shortly to have a meeting with Grant Shapps and asked my Housing Association if they had any points they would like me to raise on their behalf, to which the response was "Where to start?" - a comment I believe speaks volumes!

Quiet_Man said...

I know WfW, that's why I figure he's on a hiding to nothing, not from other religions but from equality and diversity and the dead hand of legislation which offends whilst purporting to avoid offence.
I still think that were he anything other than a Christian it would have been ignored though

Goodnight Vienna said...

You'd think that it can't get any worse - but, suddenly, it does.

QM, did you read the piece in the MoS today about events in East London? The police spokesman says he is 'saddened' at the 'Talibanesque' methods to clamp down on gays and women.

I think we're all 'saddened' at the 'Sharia-esque' methods proposed as a solution.

It's just a bad joke. It isn't a recent phenomenon - successive governments since 1945 have connived to bring us to this state.

(It's been a bad news day - I wish people would wake up, get out, rise up and tell tptb that we're just not going to take it any more.)

Quiet_Man said...

Yes GV I read about it and also the guff from the Muslim Council of Britain that women cannot even debate wearing a veil

"The body that claims to be the voice of Britain's Muslim population has said that not covering the face is a "shortcoming" and suggested that any Muslims who advocate being uncovered could be guilty of rejecting Islam."

Some days you just wonder where we're going to end up in about 10 years time. On a bad day I reckon civil war.

English Pensioner said...

I wonder if they employ any Sikhs who wear a turban? Or females who demand the right to cover their heads indoors?
As far as I am concerned, both cause "offence" to me, but then I don't matter as I'm a white, heterosexual Englishman.