Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Any publicity is good publicity?

I finally caught up with a tv series called "The Walking Dead" last night, it's showing on Channel 5 on Sundays and seems to be repeated this Friday, though owing to the wonderful Virgin it's available all week via their system along with various other BBC, ITV and Channel 4 shows. It's quite handy to me at times as the way my shifts work out my days off vary by a day owing to 4 on 4 off.
Still I did enjoy it though zombie films aren't really my cup of tea, still it came highly reccomended by friend who'd seen it previously on the FX channel (which I don't get).
Anyway I must admit to having a good laugh when I read about this in the BBC.

An advertising firm has apologised for placing a billboard for a TV show called The Walking Dead on the side of a funeral parlour.

The unintended, "unfortunate juxtaposition" caused raised eyebrows in Consett, County Durham.

The roadside advert for the Channel 5 post-apocalyptic drama has since been removed from the exterior wall of the Co-operative Funeralcare premises.
An alternative poster has been pasted in its place.
The Walking Dead follows the survivors of a zombie apocalypse

Ok, it was a bit insensitive placement, but damn me if it didn't make me smile.

Hat tip to Thomas Hobbes in the comments

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Thomas Hobbes said...
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Thomas Hobbes said...

And as if by magic..

Captain Haddock said...

Can one still claim the "Divvi" on Funerals at the Co-Op ? .. ;)