Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why is this man in the government?

No, not Ken Clarke (for once) but Vince (famous for calling G Brown Mr Bean) Cable a man who was féted as some sort of economic wizard but for the life of me seems to be some sort of socialist simpleton with no grasp of the effect of socialist policies on ordinary people, in this case uncontrolled immigration.


The Prime Minister will today claim that uncontrolled immigration has undermined some British communities. Pledging to cut the numbers entering Britain to tens of thousands, rather than hundreds of thousands, Mr Cameron will say that "for too long, immigration has been too high".
Mr Cameron’s speech, his first major address on the issue since the general election, will please many Conservative MPs and voters.
But Mr Cable, a Liberal Democrat, described the speech as “very unwise” and suggested it could fuel extremism over immigration.
“The reference to the tens of thousands of immigrants rather than hundreds of thousands is not part of the coalition agreement, it is Tory party policy only,” Mr Cable told the BBC.
“I do understand there is an election coming but talk of mass immigration risks inflaming the extremism to which he and I are both strongly opposed.”
Thing that strikes me is that if Cameron's speech will inflame extremism, why did we invite extremists into the UK in the first place? Assuming of course we did invite them and they just didn't turn up on their own bat, which under labour was entirely possible. Doubt that Cable has got an answer for that one other than a Neville Chamberlainesque appeasement to totalitarianism, which seems to be what he's aiming for. You don't appease bullies and extremists, they see it as weakness and will just attempt to extort more concessions from you. I know that, I suspect you'll know that, but politicians? I just don't know any more, after all you'll see or hear Cameron's speech today and not that the only immigration he can do anything about is non EU immigration which means anyone getting an EU passport from any after escaping any violent shithole can come here and start their own branch of gangsters r us complete with a full set of benefits and a decent house paid for by us. What Cable doesn't get is the fact that it's our generosity that's fuelling extremism because we pay for extremists to do nothing except sit at home, or meet up to plot extremism. If they had to work hard to feed themselves trust me that will knock the extremism out of anyone.
Cameron can't stop mass immigration, it's no longer under the UK governments remit as it's under EU control, he can only sound off and make as if he can make a difference to get votes during the local elections. Cable claims that he and Cameron oppose extremism, though neither are able to do anything about the extremists in our midst, though I do know that talking about immigration won't inflame them, they're already inflamed and Cable would only have us appease them, it's an old socialist fantasy that being nice to someone will make them nice right back, that only works with civilised people and those who would be inflamed are not civilised otherwise they wouldn't be extremists.

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James Higham said...

Well, if Brown can be head of the IMF, Vince can pretend he's an economist.

Michael Fowke said...

Let's get rid of Cable and Cameron.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

QM, I think you are being a tad unfair in singling out Cable. I am hard pushed to name one LibDem who deserves to be in the Cabinet - Clegg? Huhne?

Come to that I am equally hard pushed to name one Conservative who deserves likewise, on the basis that if there is one then he/she has foregone their Conservative principles and beliefs for monetary gain and power.

Such is the position we, as a country, find ourselves in - 'governed' by some who have no idea of the job involved and the remainder who are more interested in their own position than that of their country.

Barking Spider said...

At least, thankfully, it looks like Osborne is going to block Brownfinger's bid for the IMF job.

JuliaM said...

"Cameron can't stop mass immigration, it's no longer under the UK governments remit ..."

And that's why the hysterical screaming of the left is even funnier than usual.