Sunday, January 30, 2011

Justifying paedophilia

There is a problem in the Pakistani Muslim community and it isn't just that they are Muslims. For years now the some of the young men in that community have been preying on and grooming under age girls from outside their community, not just white, but Sikh and Hindu girls as well. Finally the MSM had the courage to break the story and various other minions of the state poked their heads above the parapet to tell us yes they knew about it, but dared not report it further because it might be deemed "racist" if they did. So you'd think the Muslim community as a whole would be keeping their heads down and coming out with various platitudes such as "it's only a minority" and doing their best to use the term "Asian" rather than "Muslim" or "Pakistani" like most of their useful idiots on the left and in the MSM have been doing, though the Muslim talent for public relations and how to get it totally wrong is utterly astounding.
So, into the breach steps Lord Ahmed of Cartexting Rotherham to explain why these scum behaved as they did and it's all due to marrying their cousins (even the ones who weren't married it seems)

BRITAIN'S first Muslim peer last night attacked arranged first-cousin marriages for contributing to a spate of sex crimes committed by Pakistani men.
Lord Ahmed of Rotherham said the marriages were being used by depraved young men as an excuse to prey on “vulnerable girls”.
His comments follow a succession of court cases where Asian men have been prosecuted for targeting white teenage girls.
The Labour peer, who wants an end to cousin marriages, claimed Asian men target their victims at a young age because they feel there is less chance of getting caught.
He said: “They are married to girls from overseas who they don’t have anything in common with and they have children and a family but they are looking for fun in their sexual activities and seek out vulnerable girls.”
Last month, former Home Secretary Jack Straw provoked fury after claiming some men of Pakistani origin view white girls as “easy meat”.
The Labour MP for Blackburn spoke out after two Asian men who abused girls in Derby were given indeterminate jail terms.
Research suggests about 55 per cent of British Pakistanis marry their first cousins, who are typically from abroad.
Marriages between first cousins is lawful in Britain, but they are generally frowned upon.
So there you go, marrying your cousin turns you into a sex mad paedophile according at least to Lord Ahmed. The truth is rather more brutal of course, these men behaved in a depraved manner because people in authority and in their own communities chose to look the other way. Yes some of the blame must also be laid at the feet of the parents of these children too, though in some instances at least they may not have been aware of what was going on, or even cared. But the vast majority of the blame has to be laid at the feet of these men who deliberately sought to target vulnerable children from other communities because they knew full well what would happen if they did target their own. There is no justification in the world for what they did, nor any excuse and Lord Ahmed would have done well to have simply continued his campaign to end first cousin marriages without trying to excuse or justify these perverts behaviour.
I am sick to death of this stupid blame game played out in the MSM and our political elite over the rape and prostitution of these young girls. I'm sick to death of the avoidance of the discussion of the amount of men queuing up to pay to molest these children, some in their 50's following the example of their sick prophet no doubt, after all if it was good enough for Mohammed... And well past the age where they're over the distress of being forced into marriage if they ever were. I'm sick to death of the term Asian being used to disguise the fact that this is a Pakistani Muslim problem. It's not a Sikh problem, it's not a Hindu problem it most certainly isn't a Chinese problem and they are all Asians and sick to death no doubt about being tarred with a Pakistani Muslim perversion. I'm sick to death of people like Taji Mustafa, media spokesperson of Hizb ut-Tahrir who objects to the claims that Islam had anything to do with the issue as various newspapers had claimed. He said:
"Islam promotes respect for women regardless of their race, religion and ethnicity. In Islam, you are not allowed to drink, take drugs, engage in pre-marital sex or even have a girlfriend. So how can Islam be blamed for these heinous crimes?"
 I suspect the fact that it was Muslims doing this that gives the game away, not Asians but Pakistani Muslims, despite the vast generalisation on the matter of who was actually doing it in the press and amongst politicians as well as the silence of various socialist groups like the SWP and the UAF who would be all over this if it was white guys preying on Muslim girls screaming racist no doubt. Since 1997, 56 people with an average age of 28 have been convicted of offences related to on-street grooming of girls aged 11 to 16. Of these, three were white and the rest Asian, of whom 50 were Muslim, with the majority British Pakistani, with more and more cases coming out of the woodwork. I'm totally sick of the stench of cover up as this seems to have been going on for years, even the fact that at the time the UK's youngest mum was only a mum because she was gang raped by Pakistani taxi drivers back in 2002 and still nothing was done other than for Labour to open the floodgates to even more immigration to rub the rights nose in multiculturalism. Well if this is one of the benefits of multiculturalism then count me out as a fan of it, not that I ever was, watching from the sidelines as all that was good about England was denigrated and contemptuously cast aside by Labour, the left and their pro British anti English mind set, which allowed this outrage to go on unchallenged until it could no longer be brushed under the mat and even then I reckon it would still be hidden and Jack Straw et al saying nothing and pretending the problem doesn't exist had not the Times finally got brave enough to do an article on it. I even remember Nick Griffin of the BNP being vilified  and prosecuted back in 2005 for saying it was going on. Since then the establishments, both legal and political, have ignored the continuing abuse and violence solely for their own benefit and to avoid getting accused of racism themselves. 
I am absolutely horrified by this, authorities across the country knew this was going on for many years yet did NOTHING significant to effect the cessation of these vile acts, but elected instead to hide them under blankets of secrecy! They were culpable in withholding relevant information that would have helped to protect our country's children from abuse at the hands of Muslim paedophile gangs.
What gets me as well, is that as soon as these scum have done their time they'll vanish back into their communities and not be despised like we would despise.
That this could happen in my England is the most damning verdict on the Labour years in power, not the war in Iraq, not the financial waste and irregularities, but the despoliation of young girls by an alien culture encouraged to settle here and aided and abetted by a wall of silence by the authorities.

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Radio Free England said...

Bugger, I was just about to blog on this, you have put it so well i'm off to find something else; well said.

Barman said...

Excellent rant!

Nobody voted for multiculturalism and now the country has been changed forever. I fear the xperiment will end in bloodshed and tears...

Trencherbone said...

Of course you find pedophiles and rapists in all communities, but these are nearly always loners operating in secret, because pedophiles are despised and hated by normal people.

However Islam is different . Pedophilia is socially acceptable in Islam because 'the perfect man' Mohammed was a pedophile. In addition, pedophile attacks on 'kuffar' (non-Muslim) children are seen as a legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation and demoralisation on the children and their parents.

The Islamic invasion of the West is one huge razzia (raid of rape and pillage) and Western children are war booty. Pedophila is widespread in Muslim communities, with Christian children being the main targets. The pedophiles operate in well-organised gangs and networks. They are protected and encouraged by their wider communities and enjoy immunity from prosecution so as not to damage 'Community Cohesion'

There are many forms of jihad, not all of which involve bombs and bullets. Sexual jihad, using rape and other forms of sexual humiliation and sadism has been used as a weapon of war since the time of Mohammed.

Humiliation of the non-Muslims is especially important to Muslims, and the Sufi sects are obsessed by it.

Anonymous said...

From Ashtrayhead:-

The two-faced commie twat Jack Straw knew what was going on all the time and only spoke out once he was no longer in a position to do anything about it! Instead he's applauded by the MSM for speaking out!

James Higham said...

Trencherbone is right here.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there's a perfect storm heading the way of those cultures which practise close-cousin marriage, and the thing that will trigger it is the advent of ultra-cheap DNA paternity kits.

Parts of Pakistan, Sudan and so on have close-cousin marriage rates of over 75%. This naturally causes quite a lot of problems with genetic diseases, which in the past were taken care of by endemic diseases and a fairly high infant mortality rate, that and the fact that in an agrarian society a percentage of gibbering idiots fit only for shovelling shit actually fit in quite well. The other factor at work has to have been a fairly high infidelity rate (technically,the term is "non-paternity") which would have served to keep at least some diversity in the gene-pool, plus if you got one vaguely intelligent son out of a clutch of nitwits you'd not bother if he didn't quite look like the official father too much as long as he was officially part of the family. Let us be clear, the non-paternity rate is the ONLY reason these societies have survived for so long; all computer models assuming near-perfect fidelity show the populations crashing.

However, consider what happens when fast DNA typing trickles down into a society like that, together with antibiotics and Western hygiene and medicine. All of a sudden the useful bastards who kept the society ticking along will be getting booted out and/or killed, and only inbreds will stay as official family members. The entire population IQ is going to take a nosedive for a generation or two and the GDP is going to crash as well, until the practise is wiped out by virtue of all people who still believe in it being too stupid to breed.

The problem will sort its self out, but in the mean time some of these countries have nuclear weapons. Food for thought, yes?

Anonymous said...

Where is it stated that these criminals are 'acting Muslims' taking their actions from a religious book? Are all Catholic priests paedophiles? To marry a cousin does not compel to criminalism. Paedophiles are criminals, full stop.

Quiet_Man said...

Well anonymous, Muslim's are told that their prophet was the perfect man and example for all Muslims. This was the guy who married a six year old and "consummated the marriage" (deflowered) her at nine.
You can see a bit of a problem here if they are required to emulate him I'm sure.
No not all Catholic priests are paedophiles, not all Muslims are either, but it is a cultural problem for them, most other racial paedophiles are secretive and reviled when caught. These guys were doing it openly at the school gates!