Saturday, January 29, 2011

90p a gallon, that'll be before tax of course.

Seems our clever British scientists have developed a fuel based on hydrogen that can be used as a substitute for petrol that costs only 90p a gallon (oh halcyon days) and can be used in petrol driven cars without modification. It's also carbon friendly but only idiot enviroloons give a damn about that.

BRITISH scientists have invented an “artificial” petrol that could spell an end to soaring prices at the pumps.
The new hydrogen-based fuel costs only 90 pence per gallon and could even run in existing cars.
The environment-friendly fuel has been developed in secret at a laboratory in Oxford and could be available in as little as three years.
Motorists could even be able to drive for 300 to 400 miles before needing to fill up.
The breakthrough comes as average UK fuel prices have hit a record high, marking “another milestone along a road of misery for drivers”, according to motoring organisation the AA.
The revolutionary fuel, which has been invented by Cella Energy, produces no greenhouse gases and is “suitable for widespread use as a carbon-free alternative to petrol”.
Clever guys, of course what everyone is forgetting is the cold dead hand of the state and fuel duty. There's no way in hell that we'll be buying fuel at 90p a gallon not with any politicians in charge of the country, not now, not then, not ever.
That said, if it can get us out of the clutches of OPEC and the Islamic oil cartel (yes I know it's not just the Middle East) then it will be a job well done. Until that is the enviroloons start panicking about us turning all our water into fuel. There are already water problems around the world of too much usage anyway. However there is a source of hydrogen available too us if we want to go and get it. All of the gas giant planets out there starting with Jupiter have hydrogen atmosphere's, plus there are masses of Ice asteroids out past Neptune. Not easy to get, but easy enough from a technical standpoint as the technology to convert the stuff to fuel to power the tankers needed to get it is already in development.
I'd expect our enviroloons to come up with some sort of objection though, it's in their nature, they want to reduce the world population (minus the enviroloons) not sustain or civilisation by technology. So this technology will have been a body blow to them.
Isn't science grand...

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The Filthy Engineer said...

I think you'll find there is enough water on this planet. The problem is it is not in drinkeable form. Ie salty. All you need is to add a desalination plant to your Hydrogen making facility and Bob's your Uncle.

Quiet_Man said...

You're quite right, I was just looking at it from an enviroloons point of view, there always has to be something for them to carp about after all.

Captain Haddock said...

The Enviroloons are the best possible people to send into deep space to carry out further exploration ..

First ensuring, of course .. that their craft has only sufficient fuel for a one-way journey ..

Anonymous said...

Is there a DIY home version of the plant available?

David Gillies said...

Hydrogen is not a fuel. It is an energy storage mechanism. Free hydrogen does not naturally exist on this planet. In order to produce free hydrogen one has to expend more energy to separate it from the molecules with which it is combined than is released in its oxidation (because of inevitable inefficiencies in the process). Currently most hydrogen is produced from methane (which has four H atoms per molecule.) It is an energy- and fuel-intensive process. Perhaps solar can provide the former, and there's no feedstock shortage, since we've enough shale gas for the next thousand years. But every time you hear about some panacea like this and think, "that sounds too good to be true," you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

Ride a bike, tit. Obviously a bike made in Great Britain.

Quiet_Man said...

Ride a bike? what a good idea, just have to figure out where to mount the full tool kit for my job, plus the lifting gear as well as the various hydraulic pullers and rams plus spare parts necessary to turn an impossible job into a heavy physical but manageable job, all on top of a 1 hour ride there, a 12 hour shift, followed by a one hour ride back.
It's oh so simple I should have thought of it years ago...