Friday, January 28, 2011

Guess I'm not most

seems most of my fellow countrymen think it's possible to communicate with the dead...

MOST Britons think it is possible to communicate with the dead – and the person they would most like to talk to is Princess Diana.
Two-thirds of us believe in life after death, a third think there is a heaven and a fifth expect to be reincarnated.
These are the findings of a survey on modern attitudes towards spiritualism.
Some 58 per cent of Britons believe their dead loved ones are “with them in spirit” – while 40 per cent believe in guardian angels.
A fifth claim to have seen a ghost or felt the presence of a spirit and 53 per cent believe that psychics are able to communicate with the dead.
Diana was the most popular choice of famous person to contact, with Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe in second and third place.
However, the most common ghost sighting is of a relative or friend, the survey of 3,000 adults revealed.
The poll, by Dr Penny Sartori, was conducted to mark the release of Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood. The film is about a man who can talk to the dead.
That certainly explains the plethora of tv programs both fictional and purporting to be factual that pass for entertainment on various satellite/cable tv channels, though what it says about the thought processes of the UK public leaves me somewhat bemused. I cannot imagine for one second why a dead person would still want to interact with the living nor indeed why the deceased Princess Di would want to talk to a lot of nosey voyeurs. Personally I believe that wishful thinking as well as a desire on the part of the public to seek meaning beyond death has a lot to do with it. As well as a certain pandering to the bereaved and incredulous on the part of spiritualists and their cohorts (Yes I'm looking at you Derek Acorah) I'm sure some of you out there could regale me with tales of meeting recently or even long lost relatives, but frankly although I'd be polite, I wouldn't believe you, a part of me stubbornly holds it to be wishful thinking as well as an unconscious desire of people to scare the shit out of themselves.
Still it's up to you lot what you believe, I'm not going to gainsay you and your beliefs, they're simply not mine and I doubt you'd convince me otherwise, I've yet to see any proof, never mind scientifically proven proof, bit like global warming really. It's not a discussion I have at home either, both the female members here fully believe the dead can speak and my views go down as well as a pork pie at a mosque. So I'm afraid you lot get it in the neck and put up with my minority heresy. I'm not saying that nothing happens to you after you die (though it's possible) I'm just saying that I don't believe the dead hang around to chat/haunt, they move on perhaps, or don't interact. Either way I believe people delude themselves into thinking that the dead are still around, mostly it's harmless, sometimes it's commercial, but really it strikes me as people being people, therefore odd. I'm just odd in different ways...

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Leg-iron said...

Communicate with the dead? We can't even communicate with council officials.

Not that there's all that much difference really.

Captain Haddock said...

Well of course they do ..

They watch East Enders, Strictly Come Prancing & X-Factor don't they ?

FFS .. what more proof is needed ?

English Pensioner said...

I'm into family history research and would certainly like to ask some of my ancestors a few questions!

Longrider said...

Why would anyone want to communicate with Diana?

That said, I love supernatural fiction - don't believe a word of it, but it's as amusing as, say time travel.