Monday, August 30, 2010

And so the truth slowly emerges

As I indicated in this blogpost here, the truth about the EDL's involvement in Bradford is slowly emerging, though again not before the initial damage is done.

Two men are facing charges, three have been fined and eight people have been bailed after two rival demonstrations in West Yorkshire.
The right-wing English Defence League (EDL) and its Unite Against Fascism (UAF) opponents held separate protests in Bradford on Saturday.
Fourteen protesters were arrested after several skirmishes broke out.
Police said a 37-year-old Bradford man and a 23-year-old Walsall man had been charged over the incidents.
The Bradford man is charged with possessing an offensive weapon and has been bailed to appear at the city's magistrates' court on 8 September.
The Walsall man has been charged with a public order offence and has been bailed to appear at Leeds Magistrates' Court on 6 December.

Six men - five from Bradford and one from Wakefield - and two youths from Bradford have been released on bail while inquiries continue.
They were arrested on suspicion of offences including wounding, violent disorder and criminal damage.
A 42-year-old Wolverhampton man, a 23-year-old man from Birmingham and a 24-year-old man from Halifax were released from custody after being issued with fixed penalty notices for disorder.
A 32-year-old Bradford man was arrested on suspicion of assault and later released without charge.
The cost of policing the demonstrations is expected to be "several hundred thousand pounds", police said on Sunday.
Hundreds of officers from West Yorkshire Police were supported by colleagues from 13 other forces during the operation to keep the groups apart.
Police contained several hundred EDL supporters behind a temporary barricade in the city's Urban Gardens as about 300 people gathered for an event hosted by UAF about half a mile away at the Crown Court Plaza.
Now I'll admit it's entirely possible that the Bradford men were members of the EDL, I do think it a bit unlikely though. Though out of 14 arrests, 9 appear to have been locals and it's entirely possible that those from out of the area weren't from the EDL either. So I'm going out on a bit of a limb here and saying that the violence at the EDL demo was almost entirely that of the counter-protesters. Not that you'll have gotten that impression from reading the MSM or the police reports, though it does confirm to an extent that what I watched from the live feeds was what was really going on.
Even then in this report, you can see some damage limitation going on with the last paragraph, "several hundred EDL supporters behind a temporary barricade in the city's Urban Gardens as about 300 people gathered for an event hosted by UAF" Several hundred? the initial police figures released were 700, however a quick bit of checking shows this figure to have been released before 15 coaches of EDL supporters turned up, well before their static demo started. Nor is there any explanation as to why the counter protesters were allowed to come so close to the EDL demo (a stones throw away, or perhaps a smoke bomb throw away). Note the usual "Far Right" disclaimer thrown in by the BBC too as this is the MSM and state code for extremists.
Unfortunately as I said the damage is done now and these reports will not be the ones remembered save by a few of us who are interested in what really happened. The initial reports alluding to the fact that it was the EDL who were responsible will be the ones that the general public will remember, reinforcing the states position that they are football hooligans, I have to admit though that in many of the comments on the demo in the MSM, members of the public don't seem to be being fooled quite as much as the state would like, though naturally these people are derided as EDL clones.
Still, the truth will out and sooner or later a reckoning will come where the evidence against the UAF and its pro Islamist allies becomes overwhelming and no amount of cover up will be able to hide the truth. As Delingpole has skewered the global warmists, the EDL need a journalist who is interested in the truth about what is actually going on, I hope they find one soon.

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13th Spitfire said...

I think we expected as much, what makes me not weep in sorry is that is pretty much what the public at large also thought was going to happen: "everything was EDLs fault"

Anonymous said...

UAF === Facists

Anonymous said...

Alright I can't spell sometimes
UAF === fascists
(btw exactly equal was the inteneded meaning)

Barking Spider said...

In the video that I saw, (the only video that the MSM has deigned to show us), the EDL were standing, (and being well behaved), behind the police barrier, whereas the UAF were clearly acting like the rabble of troublemakers that they are and trying to stir up a confrontation - and they have the nerve to call other people fascists!