Sunday, August 29, 2010

The best we have, so of course they have to go...

There are days in which I look at various conspiracy theories out on the web and wonder at how some people can believe such rubbish as the fact that the moon landings were filmed on a stage (false, the number of people involved to do that something would leak, plus the moving flag doesn't ripple in the breeze but because it's on a spring) That the Twin Towers were blown up with thermite (read the engineers report here for what really happened) yes you can speculate who was flying the planes, but please don't allude to the fact that the buildings were deliberately blown up, doesn't wash I'm afraid. I also didn't believe the theory that the government were deliberately running down our military and keeping our troops abroad in pointless wars to prevent them from siding with the people over the betrayal of our nation to the EU and the NWO.
Now, I'm not so sure.


The SAS is facing the greatest cuts since the end of the Second World War with veterans being forced out and a Territorial Army regiment set to close. 

The Director of Special Forces, a major general who cannot be named, will meet with reserve SAS soldiers this week to inform them that their services are no longer required.
Already more than 40 veteran SAS men have been given their marching orders after the Army said it can no longer afford to pay them. 
While British special forces are seen as one of the greatest global assets Britain has to offer and are particularly coveted by the US, they are expensive accounting for an estimated £2 billion out of the £37 billion MoD budget.
However, like the rest of defence the SAS has had to make cuts and getting rid of the “old and the bold” and part of the TA is seen as the best solution.
Under the Strategic Defence and Security Review, under with the Ministry of Defence has to make cuts of between 10 and 20 per cent, the SAS will also lose either 21 SAS or 23 SAS, its two TA battalions who also contribute to the war in Afghanistan.
“Sadly the director (DSF) is going round this week to talk to people because it looks likely we are going to lose a reserve regiment,” an SAS source said. “This is modern times and all we can really afford is the fighting young blades who deploy on operations.
“DSF is doing the sensible thing and is looking at them in the eye and saying the pot is this big and here are the options and this is why.
“It very unfortunate and inevitably will take something away from UK special forces but that is the reality of it.”
There has also been outcry that the SAS is losing its most experienced men who have served on operations since September 11th.

 The Army can't afford to keep one of our best regiments going because it's running out of cash. Yet look at the government waste going on with diversity co-ordinators, environment facilitators, the wasteful green energy rules, useless computer systems and massive bills by outside contractors. If the government were really serious about tackling waste they could easily save billions and increase the size of the armed forces, but they wont and they don't. They'd rather waste the money elsewhere, because I suspect they see the army (and the other forces) as a threat to their intentions to sell our country down the river. Perhaps it's a price they are paying to keep our multicultural minorities happy and not rioting in the streets, after all protecting the minorities seems to be far more important to them than upholding ancient rights and protections of the majority.
Something stinks at the heart of our government, we're being betrayed drip by drip into a society with a privileged elite and a massive, ignorant, ill-educated under-class without the means to tear down the prison walls they are slowly but surely being put behind.


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Anonymous said...

8% of the British army consists of foreign recruits and as such owe no allegiance to the British people, only to their recruiters.

ReefKnot said...

I am not convinced of the conspiracy theory. This is the MOD equivalent of Local Authorities wanting to close down old people's homes, libraries and meals-on-wheels rather than trim their own bloated staff. I fully expect the MOD to propose getting rid of the Red Arrows, famous name regiments ( eg Ghurkas ) and the Battle of Britain flight, just so they can spite the Government. Never ever ask Civil Servants to decide what should be cut - they will always protect themselves.

William said...

That report contains one humongous flaw. A trade centre building may have weighed 500,000 tons but the majority of that weight was underneath the fire and the building collapsed from the top down not bottom up.
The report fails to explain why building seven collapsed in exactly the same fashion even though it wasn't hit by anything more than dust let a lone 90,000 litres of canned jet fuel. Amazingly 'several small fires' appeared inside the building and these were enough to bring it down or so we are led to believe.

The only people who really know what happened on 9/11/2001 are the people who ordered the destruction of the buildings... be they of Arabian, American or Jewish descent.... in my humble opinion of course.

William said...

Forgot to add ReefKnot is bang on!

James Higham said...

There are genuine questions over Dr Kelly, 911 and 7/7, despite the tampered reports and massaged figures but leave that aside for now.

The real crime going on is the artificial scarcity when there need be none. From the artificial price of gold to the artificial scarcity of foodstuffs, e.g. with wheat, there is a concerted move, across the western nations' leadership, to reduce the lower half to austerity, poor food choices and dependence on the state for largesse.

I've been saying this and providing data since 2006.