Saturday, November 21, 2009

Damage limitation

The climate sceptic world was abuzz yesterday over the hacked CRU emails and data and possibly rightly so. Other bloggers are better qualified to discuss this issue and can be linked too here, here and here.

What is interesting is the reaction of the MSM, they are either ignoring it (Torygraph, Independent) or focussing on the crime itself (Grauniad, BBC) as if this is somehow going to make the data disappear, though James Delingpole at the Telegraph blogs puts the boot in quite well. It does seem that the warmists are on the back foot over this as they are claiming out of context as their main defence, though it seems obvious from a quick trawl through the data unearthed so far that the chief scientists at the top were well aware of how the data was being skewed to fit their theories rather than the inconvenient truth, along with attempts to silence or remove their outspoken critics as well as subvert the FOI requests to see the data.

As for the politicians, well don't expect any change in position any time soon, gurning banana boy is still banging on about Copenhagen and having the Foreign Office on a war footing over climate change because he sees it as a source of government income.

Miliband explains what the Earth will look like if we don't give him all our cash towards the government pension/expenses fund climate change policies.

So, where are we now? Well the sceptics will be looking over this data with a fine tooth comb for months, it's a lot of files and there appears to be more to come. The Warmists are probably going to try and keep a lid on this and obfuscate, misdirect and try to appear the injured party. However the consensus has been wounded, though it may take a while before its brought to ground. In the meantime politicians will still be picking our pockets with their green carbon taxes, at least until they can think up a new scam and can throw the warmist religion to the wolves.

New Ice age anyone? It'll cost you.

3 annotations:

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time before the Warmists resort to the Margaret Beckett explanation: "The public just don't understand."

But we do.

James Higham said...

This is not the only dirty pool. With MPs replies, we've struck our first obstacle and are formulating a way around it. There's no doubt these people are shoring up their policies against any encroachment by the common man and I'm angry.

Barking Spider said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what a complete trawl of these documents reveals, QM. Hoist and petard are two words that spring to mind!