Sunday, November 22, 2009

So, not a sceptic at all then Dave?

David Cameron said to Andrew Marr on the Andrew Marr Show that...
"I don’t want an ‘in or out’ referendum because I don’t think ‘out’ is in Britain’s interests."
In other words Cameron thinks if we held a referendum on in or out the answer would be out!
He's still of the opinion that we can somehow negotiate with these people to regain sovereignty over areas of policy that we should never have given away in the first place.
Well I've got  news for you Dave, you'll get nothing without giving them something in return and trust me you don't want to go down that road. The EU takes, it does not give, it never has and it never will, it may spend (our) money on us, but it's only ever in its interest and policy, not ours and certainly not yours Mr Cameron.
The only threat you have is to take us out and that's the only threat they'll listen too, anything else will have them treating you (and the UK) as a naughty puppy who misbehaves and can safely be ignored or chastised without allowing it to have its way.
This is the UK you will be given temporary charge of Mr Cameron, one which dances to an EU tune, who takes our money, over-rules our laws and ignores or disqualifies our ancient rights and liberties, all ably assisted by and voted for by previous UK governments. The only people in the UK who have ever had a vote on Europe are all over 52 and they voted for entry into the EEC, not the EU, I'm 50 and have never had a say other than in the EU elections, I know Dan Hannan is one of my MEP's another Conservative one was sacked for not toeing the party line, he's still an MEP, though he does not represent me and mine.
So it's time we had a say, it's more than time and if we vote to leave Mr Cameron that's our choice to make, not yours. If you keep denying us a choice eventually we will take matters into our own hands, it's almost inevitable, time is on our side, not yours as we will never ever love the EU and we are coming to despise our homegrown politicians even more.

So Mr Cameron, the choice is yours, years of fruitless negotiations or give us a vote, we know what you plan though and we'll watch, but we wont forgive or forget if you don't give us a say.

The Albion Alliance is a cross-party call on MPs to declare their support for our right to a voice, starting with a referendum on Europe.

Please sign here.

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Barking Spider said...

I don't think that this weekend's opinion poll is a one-off anomaly, QM. The MSM is trying to portray the problem as being all-female shortlists, but I have a gut feeling that the real reason for this poll is that he's been totally rumbled over his stance on the EU.

He's not going to waltz into Downing Street as easily as he previously thought!

Sue said...

All it takes is for him to read the blogs, he would soon get the message.

All my friends are saying the same thing. In actual fact, most of them are saying there's no difference between Brown and Cameron, so they don't give a shit who wins!

Cameron needs to give us a referendum if he is to be seen to be truly on our side!

Pavlov's Cat said...

There have been many calls for referenda down the years on a variety of subjects although Europe seems to been a constant one.

The Govt Labour or Conservative will not hold a referendum if there is the slightest chance they could lose.

And they do see it as a win/losr scenario not as a consultation on the will of The People.

James Higham said...

we're not accepting this. Last night we skyped conference call for an hour and a half to map out a response strategy to put to signatories. The bottom line is that there are ways round - it takes time and support and if they are present, then we will apply more pressure than we have, as more people in prominent places become p---ed off and sign.