Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pushing an agenda

The people pushing the global warming agenda really should give it a rest, if they aren't showing drowning dogs they're pushing polar bears in our face and telling us that there's only 50, 49, 48 47 days left to save the planet.
Some of their propaganda is getting really silly.

Britain's only polar bear moved north to combat climate change

Britain's only polar bear has been moved to a colder climate in the Highlands where it will be less likely to feel the effects of global warming.

Mercedes, a 27-year-old sow, has spent the last 25 years in a small enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo.
But she had now been moved to a new four-acre enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park outside Kingussie - one of the coldest parts of the country.
The bear was brought to the UK after it was rescued in Canada where it was about to be shot for repeatedly roaming into a small town.
The name came from Mercedes Benz, which funded the large mammal’s flight to the UK in 1984, and the bear has since been one of the major visitor attractions at the zoo.
Despite the bear's popularity, animal rights campaigners repeatedly criticised its cramped living conditions at the zoo, where it regularly paced back and forward.
 The clue to why this has been done is the last sentence, nothing to do with global warming at all, simply animal welfare. But, the warmists agenda as supported by tax grasping governments everywhere are never ones to be subtle and global warming makes such good headlines, if only for the sceptics to pop out and debunk it.
Polar bears too are picturesque and since the Al Gore propaganda film have been associated with global warming despite the fact that their population is increasing and they can swim too so aren't in danger of drowning. They are also one of natures stone cold killers, they may look fluffy and cuddly to you, but you look like lunch to them.
So it's just another non story dressed up to appeal to those who think that something should be done about the planet warming up (it isn't but there's no convincing some people)  Still so long as the bears happy I'm not too bothered, other than to point out the hypocrisy in the storyline.

The other reason I opted for this is that I'm suffering from BNP burnout, the hysterical shrieking from the establishment and their brownshirts is just giving the whole Question Time thing way too much publicity. Freedom of speech should apply to all, not just those who you approve of.

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