Friday, October 23, 2009

A draws as good as a win

Well it was a hostile audience, hostile questioner and a very hostile panel.
No doubt, hostile reporting tomorrow too in the MSM.
And yet, Griffin kept his cool and made his points, though he was obviously nervous. This whole Question Time says a lot more about the bullying of the political establishment than about the BNP, 5 onto 1 is never pretty and Dimbleby was as hostile as he gets. Only in one place did Griffin slip up and that was self inflicted, a stupid comment over the "non violent" KKK. He did land a few good blows over the point of indigenous, with his comment on how no one would dare put it to Maoris that they weren't indigenous to New Zealand. He made the rest of the panellists look like bullies too as they constantly butted in and never let him finish. In the end it was amusing to see Griffin sitting back watching the panellists tie themselves in knots trying to look tough on immigration (and not succeeding very well either)

I do look forward to reading the reporting both in the MSM and especially the blogs, seeing how the perception of reality is more important that reality in the political process, look for the false memory of a terrible performance by N Griffin being placed in the public forum. (Yep Iain Dale got there first) Yet even Dale was somewhat sympathetic.

A draw was the best Griffin could hope for, and the panel and audience handed it to him on a plate.

None of them came out of this looking too good, but in Griffins case, he didn't need too.

3 annotations:

Barking Spider said...

Good analysis, QM, spot on.

scunnert said...

Very much my take on the programme. It was an ambush. Imagine being in Griffin's place - a hostile audience - a hostile panel - a hostile host - and a thousand or so outside baying for blood. OUT OF ORDER,

Although Griffin's rictal grin made him look a bit of a buffoon his treatment on the show will cancel this out. The panel were at their best quoting Griffin's foolish utterances and at their worst defending their shoddy policies.

I think everyone was preaching to the choir.

James Higham said...

A draw? It was much more than that, as the roundup shows. For once, the British people, on their tele screens, saw how obnoxious the other people were, inc. Dimbleby.