Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No more please, we're full.

The UK population is set to rise from 61 million to 71 million by 2033.

Most of these will settle in England.

The population of the UK will rise from 61m to 71.6m by 2033 if current trends in growth continue, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said.
Just over two-thirds of the increase is likely to be related directly or indirectly to migration to the UK.
If the projected increase materialises, the population will have grown at its fastest rate in a century.
The latest figures show that if current trends continue:
  • The population will grow by more than 10m by 2029, less than half the time it took to rise from 50m to 60m between 1948 and 2005
  • The population of pensionable age will rise by 32% over the next 25 years to 15.6m, with the number aged over 85 more than doubling to 3.3m
  • In 2033, there will be 2.8 people of working age for every person of state pensionable age - a fall from 3.2 in 2008
  • By 2033, the population of England will be almost as large as the current populations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined.
This is unsustainable, we can't feed ourselves, our manufacturing is not economically productive compared to 3rd world nations so where are the jobs going to come from?
Granted these figures may change, governments will change policies, hell we might even get a decent border policy going, checking people out as well as in. But 71 million? The indigenous population already feels under siege, parties such as the BNP are on the rise and can you imagine the results if the immigrants don't assimilate or have a large percentage of radical Islamists? Civil war would appear to be a very likely outcome.

This has to be brought under control, England cannot possibly sustain any more immigration without some serious thought put into where we put them and what they are going to do? Will they be skilled migrants? Or will they simply be brought in to do the jobs the English wont do? If it's the first option fine, but the second? Well the next government will have to think long and hard as to whether or not those who can't/wont work get anything until they do the jobs that they currently spurn.

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Sue said...

The Institute of Public Policy (quango or fake charity)Experts dispute claim that UK's population will hit 70m in 2029

Quiet_Man said...

The only reason it wont Sue is if something changes (which it might) However if things carry on the way they are now, then yes it wiil reach 70 million.

Sue said...

We both know that but do the Conservatives? They will be in power soon but ruled by the EU if they don't do something. What then? Our immigration policies will be dictated by the EU and the EU is predominantly a gargantuan socialist state!

Quiet_Man said...

The EU will fall within the next 10 years due to its internal pressures unless it does become popular with the masses rather than politicians.
The money is no longer there to support such a gargantuan oligarchy.

I expect both UKIP and the BNP to continue to gain support until one of the mainstream parties finally "gets it" then and only then will we see the necessary changes needed to sort out this country. But by then the damage through idiotic social engineering and multiculturalism will be immense. We'll be lucky to avoid a civil war.

scunnert said...

I've been saying this for years now to cat calls of racist. Don't agree with you re: skilled migrants though. As long as business can import their skilled labour there will be no motivation to train locals.

Quiet_Man said...

We'll need skilled migrants until and unless we rebuild a proper apprenticeship/training regime for all our unemployables. But yes we need some sort of moratorium on immigration and should only take those we absolutely cannot do without, not because it's easier to grab them ready to go.

James Higham said...

Agreed it needs addressing. Sadly, restrictions to any further immigration might have to be put in place, unless they are vital to the country.