Monday, November 12, 2012

So who's going to pay for this?

Another day another Boy Clegg attack on businesses and revenue. Oh I'm sure the liberals out there will welcome it with warm fuzzy glee, though I'm more than willing to bet that they haven't really costed the measure properly.
GRANDPARENTS are to get the right to time off work to look after their grandchildren, Nick Clegg will say today. And millions of other employees will be allowed more flexible hours and freedom to work from home to allow them to mind the youngsters of friends and neighbours, he will announce.
The Deputy Prime Minister is set to enrage firms by signalling Coalition plans for a massive expansion of workplace
flexi-time to help workers share the burden of childcare.
Mr Clegg will use a keynote speech on economic policy to claim that helping more mothers of young children back into work could help boost Britain’s stuttering business growth.
But although the Lib Dem leader’s plan will be welcomed by grandparents and working families, it is bound to enrage private-sector bosses already infuriated over the growing cost of employment regulations.
Well I'm a grandparent and I can assure you I'm not welcoming the measure, I rather doubt the company I work for is looking forward to it either. After all, the whole point of running a business is to make a profit at the end of the day and being told that your staff have a statutory right to work whatever hours they choose does not help.
Oh I'm sure the public sector will welcome it with open arms, after all they're tied to the magic money tree that never runs out and don't have to worry as to who is going to pay for it. Well the chances are it's going to come out of the pockets of the taxpayer and the burden will hit most heavily on the private sector as they'll be forced to accept lower pay rises due to 'flexible' working arrangements plus having to stump up for the public sector who won't.
God I hate socialists, they really do not have a clue as to how a successful economy should work, they're simply wreckers, one and all.

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Macheath said...

helping more mothers of young children back into work could help boost Britain’s stuttering business growth

I must be missing something here; does this mean that 2.5 million-odd unemployed are a figment of someone's imagination? Surely they must be, if separating small children from their mothers is deemed necessary for Britain's businesses.

Dioclese said...

Another bloody stupid idea from a desperate vote grabber trying hard not to get knocked into fourth place in Thursday's by-election.

I'm also a grandparent and if he thinks this will get me to vote LimpDump then he's even more deluded than I thought he was...

English Pensioner said...

We've only got one grandson, a close friend has 9 grandchildren. Were we working, would he get nine times the amount of time off than me?
This is another stupid left wing idea.
Just as the Tories are suggesting limiting child benefits to two children as the size of family is one's own choice, this idiot is proposing more benefits.

Bill said...

Didn't a very similar panic take place at the end of Labours days?

Clegg & Co realise the jig is up and are deliberately messing with things just like Brown did.

Demetrius said...

But what I ask about Great Grandparents? Given the breeding ages of many today it is feasible that there can be some in their 50's. In any case there are some I know who also do child care for their grand children's children. Why not simply allow anyone who has gone in for breeding to stay at home and draw benefits?