Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Made it

One 27 hour flight (including a 4 hour stopover in Singapore) later I have reached New Zealand.
Job starts Sept 1st.
Life is good, jet lag is manageable.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The time has come, the movers have been and I'm homeless as the keys have been handed in and I'm throwing myself on the mercy of relatives. On Bank Holiday Monday I begin a 27 hour flight to New Zealand arriving about midday (their time, about midnight ours) on Wednesday the 27th.

Not a lot of this in England
Aotearoa means the land of the long white cloud in Maori and is quite the most beautiful place I've visited, beating the tombs of Egypt easily.
My new job starts on the 1st of September and I'll be working in and around Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand and has well over a quarter of the population of the two islands pretty much living there. Essentially it means if you want to be alone, you don't have far to go to be terribly, terribly alone.

My grandchildren
To me it was the England which ought to be, they're bloody choosy who they let in and if you don't have a skill they want, forget it. The only unskilled they'll allow are Chinese, muslims need not apply.

My new place of work
It's friendly and the leftards are firmly kept in place, that's not to say they don't have moments of lunacy, but frankly compared to this country it's not too bad.
I love England, but I no longer love what it's been allowed to become. I'll miss you all and the blog will stay open for a while to let you know how I'm doing.
Take care.


Monday, August 18, 2014


Well it was an emotional weekend and a few tears were shed. The Northeast has changed quite a bit over the last few years and for all it looks a lot nicer, the people remain more or less the same. There's also far less evidence of any pernicious islamic elements although we did spot one ninja in her bin bag outfit.
The ones we spoke too are not enamoured of the government or the EU though have a weird idea still that Labour are for the working class, then again it's not as fanatical as it once was as even they can see what a mess Labour made of the country.
We also visited Barnsley to see my stepson, first time I've ever been there, nice enough place and the first time I've ever been called 'cock' by anyone. Not too many islamics to be seen there either which kind of gives me a little hope that in the coming civil war (which I believe is now inevitable) that the people of England will prevail if they are pushed far enough by government of any stripe and the bread and circuses start to pall.
Still, none of this will matter as I'm bugging out complete with a nice little tax refund as I finally proved I've been paying too much despite what the bastards said. It will also be a cold day in hell before the UK government sees or gets anything out of me save a passport renewal form and the fee to get it.
Regrets? A few, mostly fear for the family I've left behind, but not enough to ever convince me to stay.
Also I'll never stop loving my England and will retain fond memories of the country I grew up in and will still cheer them on in any sporting events or endeavours if they play against New Zealand, but apart from that I'll be a Kiwi to the core, probably a lot more patriotic than the Kiwi's (though that could be difficult as they love their country in a way that our government has tried to stamp out) in the way that converts to a cause are more fanatical etc.
Tomorrow will be the last main post, though a few posts will follow as updates on how I'm doing, though I'm seriously not getting into doing a travelog of an immigrants experiences in a new land.
A new life, a new purpose and walks on the beach and in the mountains, not political blogging will be my aim.
The one bit of advice I can give? Come and join me in the England that was and should have remained.
Otherwise be prepared for years of tears and sorrow before England prevails again.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Parish notice

Another weekend and the last goodbyes. This one will be hard as it's my Mum and it's still less than a year that my Dad passed on.
Blogging will taper off now, too much to do before we fly out a week Monday.
This isn't the last post, but it's getting close now.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Save only that you get it wrong

I tend to like Ukip candidates, because they aren't 'career' politicians they tend to speak their mind often to the horror of the political class and their chums in the libtard led media.
To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the last execution in Britain today a newly-elected UKIP MEP has called for its reintroduction.
Louise Bours, who represents North West England in the European Parliament, said there was no ‘ethical reason’ to keep child killers and police murderers alive.
The remarks, which come as anti-death penalty activists welcomed today’s milestone, are likely to spark controversy.
Controversy amongst the political chattering classes perhaps, though I rather suspect that amongst ordinary people  not so much as they tend to see things away from the shade of the intelligentsia that believe in their divine right to tell us how to live our lives down to the smallest detail.
Personally my only objection to the death penalty is that if you do make a mistake it's impossible to put it right and I have no trust in the police or the CPS to make sure that in certain cases the evidence is properly collated and gone through. Sure the likes of Ian Huntley and the 7/7 bombers as well as the killers of Lee Rigby won't be missed, but we all know about miscarriages of justice too and the propensity of the state and their minions to throw their weight around as well as throwing the odd victim to the wolves.
Still, no doubt the idea will be quite popular amongst the real people of the UK, donations to Ukip are now bigger than those going to the Lib Dems after all. But over all, unless Ukip can deal with corruption and incompetence within the legal and policing systems, it's not something I propose they do immediately.
Should be worth a good few votes though.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Not our business

What is it with military commanders that demand we get into ever greater conflicts with areas of the world that we have simply no business being in? Take the middle east, (please) the whole area is a train wreck of competing tribes, factions and religious strife and that's just the muslims. Yet Col Tim Collins believes that somehow or other we should get ourselves involved despite the lessons of the past which tells us that it never works.
One of Britain’s most respected commanders has compared the massacres in Iraq with genocides carried out by Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot, accusing the Government of failing in its “moral obligation” to intervene.
Col Tim Collins, famed for his inspirational speech on the eve of the 2003 Iraq War, said that Britain’s politicians have “left for lunch” as he urged David Cameron to recall Parliament to debate the crisis.
He told The Telegraph that ancient civilisations will be “extinguished” unless Britain joins air strikes and provides arms to Kurdish forces, and suggested that troops should be stationed in Iraq to provide training and support.
Gen Sir Mike Jackson, Chief of the General Staff during the Iraq War, added his voice to calls for Britain to join the air strikes on “humanitarian” grounds and to bring an end to the “appalling” atrocities being committed in Iraq.
Sorry as I am to see ancient civilisations extinguished, it really is none of our business, we shouldn't even be wasting fuel on aircraft to drop aid, never mind drop bombs. In the end all we do is rile up our own barbarians that our government invited in and don't have the guts to remove root and branch from our own civilisation and so are heading us down exactly the same path as the middle east, civil war, until one side dominates the other. If it's islam then barbarism sets in, the religion itself more or less guarantees it in the way its written and interpreted.
There is no place for islam in a civilised society and we should not be helping any islamic groups. Evacuate Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists etc, but just fence the barbarians in and let them fight it out amongst themselves.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thief quits because the pickings aren't big enough

It's always a pleasure to see a troughing MP go their merry way and in doing so confirm why they should never have been an MP in the first place.
A Government minister has quit politics claiming he cannot live in London on his salary and expenses of nearly £120,000.
Mark Simmonds said he was quitting as a Foreign Office minister and was standing down as an MP because he was unwilling to carry on staying in hotels while his family were hundreds of miles away in Lincolnshire.
Mr Simmonds is the second minister to quit the department in less than a week, after Baroness Warsi quit over the Government’s policy towards Gaza.
Labour said the double resignation had left the Foreign Office rudderless just as humanitarian catastrophes were unfolding in Gaza and Iraq.
Usual guff from Labour as Gaza and Iraq are really none of our business.
Simmonds is of course renowned as the MP who had his snout deepest in the trough in that his local paper discovered that he was the most expensive MP in the county and was employing his wife on his expenses as well as claiming the maximum in every area. Now it may not be possible to live in the manner in which you think you ought to be accustomed on a ministers salary and expenses, but it is possible to live well in London on the amount he was shoving down his trousers, plus a lot of MP's also have other interests too as well as non executive directorships and advisory roles in various businesses. In short it rather looks like Simmonds was incompetent enough not to make use of the various scams MP's use to get rich at the taxpayers account and so will not be a great loss either as an MP or a person in their own right.
I wonder what he'll do when he actually has to work for a living?

Monday, August 11, 2014

True, but you aren't supposed to mention the war...

One of the pitfalls in today's politics is that pretty much anything you say, or have said or indeed with much of the mudslinging which goes on what they think you said whether you said it or not is that certain words and phrases will get you crucified come what may. Say something about minorities and unless you're a minority, expect trouble. Men saying stuff about women, expect the feminazi's to be on your case. Pretty much the same with criticising the green religion. One big no, no is also mentioning Hitler in a 'good' context (unless apparently you're a muslim and don't think he went far enough)
A Ukip MEP has defended a seminar which taught young party members to emulate Hilter’s oratory style because the Nazi dictator was "evil" but “good at public speaking.”
Bill Etheridge, had been recorded encouraging students to “pick up little moments” of Hitler’s speaking style, describing him as a "magnetic and forceful" performer at a conference for the Ukip youth wing.
Mr Etheridge later dismissed criticisms of his comments as a “silly unpleasant attack”.
He told Sky News: “Hitler was an evil, monstrous tyrant but that doesn't mean he wasn't good at public speaking.
"I wish he hadn't been, but we must be able to discuss historical figures without being slurred as agreeing with them.
The remarks, condemned as "crass, offensive" and "really stupid", were made as the West Midlands MEP delivered a seminar on public speaking at Ukip Youth Wing’s Young Independence Conference in Birmingham.
Cue the usual suspects and the hints of he must be a Nazi as he said he liked Hitler etc by the Tories and Labour hoping to score political points despite the fact that Mr Etheridge also mentioned Churchill, Martin Luther King and Tony Blair. The truth is Hitler was a demagogue, a great public speaker who could inspire and enthral an audience. That he used his gift to promote and encourage a nation into collective madness is pretty much the case in point, the guy was for the first few years very popular and with military success had approval ratings most politicians would die for.
Part of the problem we have today with a lot of people is that they simply do not understand political speakers and will believe what politicians tell them because the education system has dumbed down to the point where tricks of speaking appear to be substance not fluff. That's why we have charlatans, rogues and thieves running the country because the gullible public believe what they say from the way they say it.
Bill Etheridge was right, Hitler was a great public speaker and that's pretty much all he said. yet the great Ukip witch-hunt carries on apace and the gullible out there will believe what they are told, not what actually was said.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Parish notice

There will be no blogging for this weekend or the next one as I have some important goodbyes to take care of, many to people I doubt I'll ever see again.
Blogging will be slowly winding down over the next two weeks as I prepare for my great adventure in Aotearoa, though I'll let you know how it turns out before closing the blog down.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Controlling the past

George Orwell in his novel 1984 wrote 'He who controls the past, controls the future,' adding also 'he who controls the present controls the past.' Orwell wrote it as a warning, the problem is many of the powers that be seem to have taken it as an instruction manual in how to run the state.
Civil servants used government computers to update Wikipedia pages downplaying killings of Jean Charles de Menezes, Lee Rigby and Damilola Taylor
Electrician was shot dead by police officer at Stockwell tube station in 2005
Investigation finds Wikipedia page on death edited by government computer
Suggestion he was on drugs added, and immigration information removed
Pages on Lee Rigby and Damilola Taylor also altered to downplay deaths
De Menezes family spokesman calls page edits 'low and callous'
Cabinet Office says any breaches of civil service code 'will be dealt with'
In June a civil servant was sacked for posting offensive comments about Hillsborough disaster on Wikipedia.
According to a Channel 4 News investigation, users of government computers added inaccurate suggestions that the 27-year-old may have been on drugs, deleted information about his immigration status, and removed a section on his death from a page about the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Changes were also made to pages on the deaths of Lee Rigby and schoolboy Damilola Taylor from government computers which downplayed their deaths, the investigation found.
The updates were made from computers using the government's secure intranet service, which is used by the civil service and police officers.
Now it may be simple malice or a desire to present things in the best possible light by individuals, though personally I suspect otherwise and believe the dead hand of the state is trawling through certain things and making sure that any controversy is removed before the public can read it. Not that it will always be politicians, but Acpo the company run by the chief inspectors of the police have also got an agenda via common purpose which is wildly at variance with what the public want. Others may such as in the case of Lee Rigby want to make sure islam and muslims names aren't dragged through the mud which may be the work of individual muslims, though knowing the states love affair with islam it may very well not be as witness the support they give to various groups who promote it and spew hate against those who oppose it.
Either way, it does appear that government and state computers are being used to rewrite history and downplay certain events and Wikipedia is the natural area to start as unfortunately it's the first port of call by many looking for evidence or knowledge and sadly it's also the last too. People tend to be lazy and will use a product to the exclusion of others such as Google and Wikipedia and the state has cottoned on to this hence their attempts to block Google reporting on their mistakes and rewrite Wikipedia to gloss over the past.
I suspect Orwell had it wrong in 1984, he meant 2084 and the problem we have is we'll never really know unless we remain vigilant.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Warthog resigns

The governments attempts to be inclusive often mean they take on some unsuitable people, just last week Cameron took on several new faces because pressure groups were telling him he didn't have enough women, not that he didn't have enough competent MP's (debatable at best) Still there was one face left who probably should have been pushed and that was Baroness Warsi the Minister for Faith and Communities.
David Cameron has defended government policy on Gaza after outgoing Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi called it "morally indefensible".
The prime minister said he had been "consistently clear" in calls for peace, adding that he agreed the crisis in the region was "intolerable".
Lady Warsi resigned on Tuesday morning, arguing that the government was not doing enough to alter Israel's actions.
She said she had tried without success to shift the government's position.
Basically she wanted the government to support the terrorist group Hamas who are linked the the mass murdering ISIS against the Israelis. She then waits until a ceasefire is more or less in place and then resigns making a big fuss in the process.
Thing is, the government have got it pretty right about Israel and Gaza in that it's absolutely none of our bloody business. I know there are people out there who wish differently, but it isn't.
My problem with Warsi though is that she's not competent, she lost a by-election, got bumped up into the House of Lords and then is offered a cabinet post. Basically she was simply there because she was female, coloured and muslim which ticked three diversity boxes. But as Minister for faith and communities she was only interested in one faith and one community and the more stricter members of that faith hated her anyway because she was a woman.
Basically she was and is an islamopanderer,  a token muslim for the Tories to parade until she jumped before she was pushed probably after the next election. She was crap at her job and carried her prejudices into her work as well.
All in all, she won't be missed and I reckon Cameron thinks he's well shot of her.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shouldn't we be remembering its end?

The first world war was a tragedy, the flower of a generation was sacrificed in a war in which the tactics of a previous generation were used to ill effect against machine guns and trench warfare. The term lions led by donkeys came about when the foolishness and arrogance of the generals was questioned but not the courage of the men they were supposed to lead to victory not ignominious death.
Yesterday the news was full of 'celebrations' of remembrance for the start of the conflict, last night a lot of public buildings were in darkness save for a single candle in commemoration. Yet what we were commemorating was the end result of politicians meddling in what they termed the great game, whereby they tied this country into a series of treaties that made war of some kind inevitable. The flower of a generation, bright, patriotic and willing to give their all for king and country were mown down because of a series of treaties meant that the killing of an archduke in Serbia by a Serbian nationalist drew a response from Austia-Hungary and started unravelling a whole web of treaties in which eventually the Austrian ally of Germany invaded of Belgium because France was allied with Serbia drew us into the conflict.
In essence for all we're being told that we're remembering the courage of the men, were also commemorating a massive failure by politicians, one they are likely enough to repeat, after all world war two was a direct result of politicians botching up the negotiations at the end of world war one.
No, we should not be getting into bread and circuses for the start of WW1, we have a perfectly good Remembrance Day in November to remember the brave.
The start of WW1 was a tragedy made flesh by the idiocy of politicians, that is what we should remember.