Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sky lies

Sky News reports that during the EDL/UAF static demo's yesterday...

Powell said around 200 EDL protesters broke through a police cordon at the end of the demonstration and attacked the Sky News truck and a police car.
"Protesters started to charge against the cordon and it was clear the police were not going to be able to hold them back," Powell said.
Yet an eye witness account here...

I was in Leicester today with my wife, and was caught up with the demonstrations of the EDL and UAF.
Now I am no friend of the EDL or UAF, but as a shop steward within a national industry, I am fully aware of the beliefs of both political ism' of the political right and left.
I am a firm believer in the truth, but what I saw today was very different from what the media has told us. Yes I saw the EDL being very vocal, which was intense, but I saw no extreme actions from the EDL. What I did see was extreme behaviour from the UAF, which seemed focused on encouraging the Muslim population to riot.
The attack on the sky van was not by the EDL as reported, by Sky, but rather by the UAF.
We was stood by the sky van watching the demonstration, when my wife was attacked by the UAF because she had a St Georges flag on her T shirt.
Now being ex military I am actively involved in charities looking after ex and serving military personal. What I am hearing tonight from the military internet sites is very alarming, as 25 UAF thugs attacked 6 soldiers outside Leicester train station today. From what we understand the squaddies gave the UAF a bloody nose, and amazingly the police let the UAF go without any charges.
As ever the media seem to gloss over the activities of the Brownshirt UAF whilst constantly harping on and villifying the EDL. Now as you may be aware as an English nationalist, I'm no real friend of the EDL, the only English thing about them is the name, they are first and foremost a British organisation, holding up British working class values. Yet every time I investigate just what is going on at their demo's I come away with a completely different version to the "official" MSM version. More often than not it's the numbers involved, then it's the slanting of the story to paint the EDL in the worst possible light. Even down to plain outright lies, and the public is starting to notice which is making the denunciations and spin all the more aggressive as I believe that the establishment have realised they are losing control both over their thugs and the people of this country and their natural tolerance.
The John Cruddas CIF article is typical of the establishment and the left in this country, they see a threat yet can't understand why or how it's happening. Yet it was Labours desire to rub the "Right's" nose in multiculturalism that undermined its own support from the working class. The "Righteous" left of the Islington set (the so called champagne socialists) have no real idea of the damage they've done to working class communities by attempting to supplant them with a foreign and intolerant religious group. Nor are the "Common Purpose" trained senior officers aware of the alienation that is becoming ever more apparent where the police are seen as the enemy.
People are starting to see through the lies and the cracks in the system are becoming ever more apparent.

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JuliaM said...

"As ever the media seem to gloss over the activities of the Brownshirt UAF whilst constantly harping on and villifying the EDL. "

They are working to a script, I'm certain.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Rupert's agenda is here.... for he will have one, and he will force it on us. So we had better get used to it, because Rupert Murdoch will have his way, come what may.

Quiet_Man said...

He wont live forever Tris.... At least I hope not, wouldn't put it past him to try :-D