Thursday, September 17, 2009

It isn't right.

I'm getting a little tired of the MSM regarding anyone who objects to mass immigration/ Islamic extremism as right wing or even fascist or racist. The Telegraph falls into this trap as indeed do the BBC and other media outlets.

Council appeals to Alan Johnson to ban right-wing protest

Manchester City Council has called on the Home Secretary to ban a right-wing protest planned for next month.

Faith groups and traders have joined councillors to make the request after a similar rally in Birmingham erupted in violence.

Ninety people were arrested as anti-fascist campaigners clashed with supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) on September 5.

Gangs of men and youths hurled bottles at each other and pelted riot police with bricks as frightened shoppers looked on.

Manchester City Council says it has never had cause to stop a planned protest before and wants advice from Alan Johnson.

Now leaving aside the fact that it wasn't the EDL who caused the trouble, the fact is that the EDL are not a right wing organisation, they are a single issue protest group and probably come from Labour voting demographics. Right wing and Left are economic terms denoting state control of the economy, the more left you are the more total the control. By using something called the political compass though you add a new axis adding libertarian and authoritarian values.

This chart always makes uncomfortable reading for socialists particularly the position of the BNP but you can see the position I'm trying to allude too. What the MSM fail to tell us are that right wing groups (as they call them) actually tend to actually be statist economically and are therefore left wing in outlook and are not right wing at all. Indeed the councils attempts to ban freedom of assembly by the EDL is very much part of the authoritarian/fascist handbook so beloved of socialists worldwide when they see their little worldview challenged.

However as for the EDL, well they don't really fit well into the standard labelling that the media and their political masters like. They certainly have no economic position, though no doubt they have authoritarian tendencies (banning etc) but this doesn't make them right wing any more than the BNP are economically right wing. Nor do they seem to be as authoritarian as the real troublemakers in this whole mix seem to be. Radical Islamics and the UAF are the real cause of the trouble, though as they are the darlings of the establishment you wont see calls for them to be banned for counter-demonstrating.

Indeed over the last few years the trend to label anyone has shown signs of fraying at the seams. Worried about immigration? Racist screams the establishment! (Except people now think "Well I'm still worried, ok I'm a racist then, so what) Don't think local councils should be funding Gay Pride parades? Homophobe screams the establishment! (Except people think "Well it's still my money being used" ok so I'm a homophobe, but not the only one either) Think Islamic extremists are a worry? Islamophobe screams the establishment! (Except people look at what the EDL are doing and think..........................) The labels don't work anymore, people are sick and tired of the state telling them what they worry about is wrong without addressing the issues. This is why the state now wants to ban the EDL and why the EDL (also the BNP) will keep on growing and nothing the state or its brownshirts can do will be able to stop it until the issues are resolved.

Update, Wonko points out that the guy asking for the ban, Councillor Jim Battle of Manchester City Council is actually a UAF organiser, so it turns out the guy is a supporter of the people who actually caused the mayhem on Englands streets.

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James Higham said...

Agreed, Quiet Man. If I 'm against something, I'm just against it. It doesn't make me racist in the least.

McGonagall said...

Good post. I've had all the epithets thrown at me and guess what - I'm still here and will not shut up.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting those who don't like the authoritarian, anti-democratic EU - Europhobes! Europe-haters!

No, Eurosceptics, most of whom love Europe.