Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oh this should be good.

Following on yesterdays post it appears that the leftard conspiracy of silence over the attempt by hardline islamists to turn schools into education centres for the brainwashing of muslim kids whilst alienating any others who came along and treating them like scum. Now those teachers who were forced out are being encouraged to sue the Council and its education Dept...
TEACHERS forced out of schools at the centre of the “Trojan horse” allegations in Birmingham could sue the council for failing in its “duty of care” towards them, an MP claims.
At least 12 senior staff, mostly heads, were banned from speaking out as part of their six-figure payoffs. Some say they were bullied, intimidated and threatened over extremists’ attempts to target state schools in the city.
Now Labour MP Khalid Mahmood claims the teachers deserve compens­ation after a report criticised Birmingham City Council’s poor protection for whistleblowers.
The report by independent adviser Ian Kershaw, published on Friday, was commissioned by the council following concerns raised in a letter of 2013, known as the “Trojan horse” letter. It suggested a number of schools had been “taken over” to ensure they were run on Islamic principles.
According to the report, the council “disastrously” failed to act when a group of Muslim men began to promote, sometimes illegally, a fundamentalist version of Islam in some schools, because officials were afraid of being accused of racism or Islamophobia.
Mr Mahmood told the Sunday Express: “There was a significant failure in the rights of individuals who needed the protection of their employer and wanted support with the very ­difficult issues they were facing.
Well I bet the council tax payers in Birmingham are going to love that and no doubt if the payouts are huge the UK taxpayer will have to step in and bail them out all because of 'community cohesion' and the lunatic thinking behind it. The political left has given the entire country a poisonous legacy of imbecilic laws and authorities who are either enablers of islam through fear of it because in their blinkered outlook criticism of it automatically equals racism (despite islam not being a race) or because they genuinely believe that muslims cannot do any wrong besides they also hate Israel as all proper thinking leftards do and the enemy of my enemy etc...
The Council's Education Dept has of course not helped with its Orwellian gagging orders on dismissed staff who were hounded out of their jobs. Indeed the originally Trojan letter probably came from one of these staff and was at first dismissed by leftards in the BBC and Grauniad as a forgery and a hoax, practically right up to the last moment when the report came out and demonstrated that the letter was quite likely a forgery, but not a hoax and the meddling of hard line islamics in schools was very, very real.
This I think is going to run and run...

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