Thursday, July 3, 2014


Mp's are complaining that the practice of female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a national scandal and they are right, though their finger pointing is also an attempt to shift the blame for their own failure to tackle the introduction of alien cultures to the UK in the name of 'rubbing the right's face' in diversity.
The failure to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM) is a "national scandal" with as many as 170,000 victims in the UK, MPs have said.
Failures by ministers, police and other agencies have led to the "preventable mutilation of thousands of girls", the Home Affairs Committee said.
It blamed a "misplaced concern for cultural sensitivities" for inaction, and called for a national action plan.
The government said it was working to end "this terrible form of abuse".
The report called for greater anonymity for victims and protection orders to prevent girls from being taken abroad.
Funny how the BBC are only highlighting this now, guess it must be down to the fact that it's a Tory government that they can blame, they tend to ignore Labour governments wrecking the country.
It's also amusing to see the excuse of concern over 'cultural sensitivities' which essentially meant that certain cultures were above the law because they were seen as 'better' than the indigenous one. A classic case of one law for them another for us.
No, the state, via law enforcement, doctors and social services  failed these girls by making it very plain that if a young girl was found to be mutilated in such a way then the investigation would be thorough and those who aided and abetted the practice were either going to jail or being deported, though personally I would have opted for castration and deportation for any male involved and sterilisation and deportation for a woman. The practice is utterly vile and serves no medical purpose other than to prevent a mature woman's enjoyment of sex so she (in theory) won't stray. A certain religion of (not) peace likes this idea and it also has adherents in certain African tribes too who don't like the idea of a woman enjoying sex in case she finds that her husband is not terribly good at it and goes elsewhere. That sort of thinking is also at the root of stoning a woman for adultery but letting the male adulterer off with a warning.
And successive governments and their minions in the state allowed them to get away with it.
Now we have a problem where certain communities have been allowed to clump together to keep their own practices and have their own doctors covering for them.
Yes, it's a scandal, but there's a lot of blame to go around and it's not just the parents...

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Barman said...

I agree with everything you say...


Why is it (apparently) okay to hack bits off a boy's genitals if your faith requires that?

Quiet_Man said...

No permanent harm I believe. Other than that it's a mystery to me too.

Longrider said...

Er, yes there is permanent harm. A part of the boy's body is permanently and irrevocably removed. Nerve ends are severed. Males who are circumcised as adults have confirmed that there is a loss of sensitivity.

However, there is a more fundamental principle here - the mutilation of another's body without their prior consent. As circumcision is not (except in a few rare cases) medically necessary but is done for cultural or religious reasons, parental consent should not suffice. It is wrong, it is immoral and should be stamped upon from a great height for exactly the same reasons as FGM.