Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's not complacency

Again and again whenever there's a problem to do with muslims some useful idiot is wheeled out to give some pronouncement about what islam is, who muslims are and what muslims should do. Unfortunately as the idiot isn't usually a muslim they are ignored by muslims who generally take no notice of non-muslims and the rest of us who have come into contact with real islam and know bollocks being spoken when we hear it.
Muslim communities in Britain are guilty of ‘complacency and passivity’ over the threat from home-grown jihadists, the UK’s top counter-terrorism officer warned last night.
The Metropolitan Police’s Assistant Commissioner, Cressida Dick, said there were many cases where ‘warning signs’ about extremists were not brought to the attention of authorities.
She also indicated some Muslims were too accepting of radical views, saying it was the police’s ‘greatest challenge’ to make them ‘wholly hostile to violent extremism’.
Her comments came as the Government was confronted with a damning assessment by a former head of the military of Britain’s capacity to confront terrorism.
Lord Richards of Herstmonceux, chief of the defence staff until last year, said the military was ‘not good enough’ to deal with the global threat from jihadis.
The crossbench peer, formerly General Sir David Richards, called for a rise in defence spending and warned that without it, the effectiveness of the Armed Forces would inevitably deteriorate further.
I'm pretty sure such warnings were given over the Nazi party too.
No, the complacency lies with those in authority and the political classes who don't see the real threat because they don't live with it. It's the same reason that criminals get off lightly and the Human Rights Act has become such a burden on our society with its allowing violent criminals to remain amongst us. The muslim communities are not complacent, they've at best given tacit consent to the preachers who are encouraging  jihadism in this country as jihad as they see it is a noble cause no matter how ignoble its methodology as it's usually carried out against non-muslims and they aren't real people. That is the problem of trying to dictate to something that has tied its barbarism to religious trappings, you are dealing with faith, a written book and traditions which encourage barbarism and it's run by a bunch of imam's who see no reason to moderate what the quran and hadiths say, most of it coming from the life and works of a murderous child molesting slaver with a psychopathic god complex.
So no, telling muslims what they should do won't work, if you aren't a muslim then your words are meaningless, four times as meaningless if you're a woman.
Yet it doesn't stop idiots like Cameron and Cressida Dick telling us and muslims what islam is and what it should be doing.
Nor apparently those in power deliberately disarming our military strength to deal with them in the future.

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JimS said...

Many years ago I stayed with a lady who had lived in London for forty years, married and raised two children there. She was though born in Ireland.
At that time the IRA were active with London bombings, real and threatened.
She was the nicest person you could hope to meet but her opinion on the IRA was "I'm sure they've got a reason". Perhaps she was a 'moderate' Republican?

Anonymous said...

Cressida Dick is a 'Common Purpose' muppet. Motto - Leading Beyond Authority.
She gave the orders, without approval from or reference to Parliament, to shoot and kill the innocent Jean Charles Menezes on 7/7/05 ....
After which, she got promoted.

See - http://thetruthnews.info/truth_Jean_Charles_DeMenezes.html