Monday, June 23, 2014

Apparently we're thick

It appears that in certain political circles that a conclusion has been reached that one of the reasons people voted for Ukip is that they weren't computer literate, didn't know how to send emails and look things up via google. In other words we're thick...
Ukip voters feel disconnected from mainstream politics because they don’t know how to send emails or browse the internet, Labour’s shadow business secretary has suggested.
Chuka Umunna, said that “a lot of those voting for Ukip” in the local and general elections were not computer literate and “can’t do things like” sending and receiving emails or browsing the internet.
The UK Independence Party stormed to victory at the European elections, the first time since 1906 that a party other than the Conservatives or Labour had won a national election.
Nigel Farage's party also picked up more than 100 seats from Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems in council elections nationally.
This does seem a bit rich from a party who used to rely on votes from working class communities to the extent of a running joke that if you put a red rosette on a donkey it would get in. Thing is though that those communities and groups who traditionally voted labour wised up when said Labour government flooded their communities with masses of immigrants who caused problems and disruption for the people there reducing wages in semi skilled jobs and removing the chances for the school leavers to find work. The strain on health facilities and education as well as the ongoing sensation that they were taking the pee over benefits as well as the feeling often enough that when you went shopping you were no longer in an English speaking country was just the icing on the cake as it were.
Yet these people aren't stupid, they can use computers, pads and phones to see what's going on, the read headlines and they've learned not to trust said headlines or politicians who spout off about who or what they think they are and why they do what they do.
Essentially Labour like the Tories are losing traditional voters because in their scramble to make new friends they trampled over their old ones and in the case of Labour called them racist bigots to boot.
For years political parties have presumed their core groups would vote for the proverbial donkey with a coloured rosette, they are now finding that it was possible to go too far in their arrogance and hubris, they no longer can count on our support so believe us to be stupid or ignorant.
Once again it appears that they never learn...

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Anonymous said...

If anything its the other way round, many of us old farts who can use a computer used them to find alternative sources of information.

Working class old bastards like me, who haven't purchased a newspaper for 30 or more years, and for most of our adult lives have avoided the propaganda broadcasts (known as news) from the box in the corner, we retained the ability to think independently.

The internet has been a revelation, we've found alternative news sources from all parts of the world, blogs, forums, many it must be said with a vested interest.

By reading and listening to all views we are able to judge for ourselves, and not sheep like follow the crusade of the moment.

The most marvellous discovery for me was to find i'm not alone in disbelieving the bastards, to find thousands of others out there who feel just as disenfranchised and as betrayed by our leaders and their armies of bloody propagandists in the MSM.

Young Chukka has it all arse backwards, which is about normal for the liblabcon party.

The political class and those who own them want to control the internet just as they control the MSM, Pandora's Box is open and they are desperate to close the lid.

Too bloody late, millions of people have finally woken up.



English Pensioner said...

I've been saying much the same in my own blog.
Us oldies are probably better informed than many because we have time to read the media on-line as well as various blogs of our choice. All my friends of my age group are on-line and if they have problems they have family (usually grandchildren) who are happy to help. We vote UKIP because we discover on-line what is really happening, not just the media's selective take.