Friday, June 6, 2014

Another day, another scam

Well the Tories fended off Ukip in the Newark by-election only for another reason for people to vote Ukip emerge on the day after the election, a more suspicious man than I might think the news was suppressed in order to assist the comfortable status quo of the current establishment.
Loopholes in the system mean cheats are free to return to their homeland while being paid £87.55 a week. Workers from the EU see our 28-week statutory sick pay as easy pocket money.
Some even claim the payments while holding down second jobs back home. The deception was ­rumbled by company managers across Britain who say they are ­powerless to ­act.
The scandal confirms Britain has “lost the plot on immigration,” said a Ukip MEP last night.
It comes days after the Government conceded it was helpless to stop £30million a year in child benefit payments flowing out of Britain for the off-spring of EU migrants working here.
The Department for Work and ­Pensions said the system is not abused but admitted it does not keep records on sick pay for migrant workers. But it is worried enough to urge companies to report staff suspected of lying.
Last night a payroll manager at a firm in the South-west employing Polish drivers said one took 16 weeks sick leave last year and has racked up 12 weeks this year.
The company says the man has a second job abroad but as they receive certificates from his Polish doctor the absence goes unchallenged.
One wonders how the DWP can claim the system is not being abused whilst also saying they don't check or keep records.
Still, because the EU says we have to treat migrants here the same as someone born  here or who has paid into the system here even if they just sell Big Issues after stepping off the ferry it means that they can claim all their benefits here, take a 28 week sicky and return home to get their local doctor to keep signing them off whilst keeping their original job or enjoying a better lifestyle paid for by the UK taxpayer. Yet we're constantly told that the EU is good for us... It certainly appears to be good for anyone who wants to leach off us, along with its ruling classes to whom the corrupt lifestyle they lead enables them to pocket millions at the taxpayers expense.
We need to leave, yet the big three insist on keeping us in and telling us it's for the best, that's why I'll never vote for them, they are the ones responsible for the mess in the first place and don't seem to have a lue as to how to deal with their problems nor the gumption to tackle them.
Can't we just leave?

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Mr. Morden said...

" Can't we just leave?"

No. We have to issue an Article 50 declaration which, is the starting gun for renegotiation's and then our exit upon successful conclusion of said negotiations or, up to a maximum of two years.

Then we can leave.

There is no need to seek an approval from the HoC or the people via referendum. All Cameron has to do, is issue an Art.50 - that's it !