Saturday, June 7, 2014

And whose fault is it that we have extremists?

The gall of the left when it comes to blaming someone for the problems they originally caused knows no bounds. Currently they are using the BBC with whom they march hand in hand to lambaste the government for failing to deal with extremism properly...
Labour is to accuse the government of a "serious failure" to deal with the threat of extremism, in the wake of a row between two cabinet ministers.
Yvette Cooper will claim departments have failed to work together and anti-radicalisation funding has been cut.
David Cameron has vowed to get to the bottom of a spat between Theresa May and Michael Gove over the issue.
But Ms Cooper will say this is "missing the point" and there is no proper strategy for schools and communities.
Differences of opinion between the home secretary and education secretary, both seen as potential future Tory leaders, about how to deal with Islamic extremism were laid bare in a public row.
This would be the same Labour who allowed uncontrolled immigration of groups known to contain extremists, who pandered to their desires for segregation and who ignored all the warning signs as they worshipped at the altars of the deviant and false doctrines of diversity and multiculturalism and enabled the extremists via the odious Human Rights Act.
In essence Labour and the moronic left are to blame the government for failing to clear up their mess.
Hypocrisy writ large is it not?
Granted the government have simply carried on with their head in the sand over the activities of the islamoloons amongst us and haven't dealt effectively with those who mean us no good at all, some of this is institutional (the leftards in the bureaucracy), some due to 'human rights' constraints, some due to the utter unwillingness of idiots like Cameron to admit that islam is incompatible with civilised values.
However as much as Labour would like to deny it, they were the ones who brought the problems to our shores, not the current government. The row between Gove and May is a simple spat, he wants a hard line attitude, she can't as the HRA prevents it so Labour are attempting to take advantage of it.
Labours solution?
Ms Cooper will say the government needs to work more closely with community leaders, councils, faith groups and other bodies to hammer home the dangers of radicalisation.
Because that's worked ever so well in the past, hasn't it? Some community leaders are hard line radicals anyway and some faith groups harbour them.
We're doomed I tell you...

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Kath lissenden said...

if they were not all so busy funding the UAF with OUR money maybe there would be more funding for anti extremist measures.
And as you so rightly say Ms Cooper seems to have conveniently forgotten that it was under ToeKnee Blurgh that this problem got so dreadful because Blurgh wanted to let in all comer's with little if any checks to boost his bloody vote.
If they want to stop it then stop it by sending back all the troublemakers, born here or not, (because whatever happened to the laws of treason) that would deal with your choudrys , kick out all your Muslim extremist converts like Jorden Horner and all the Muslims in prison who are radicalising more people. close down all the mosques with extremist links and be done.