Thursday, May 8, 2014

Straining credibility

The continued witch-hunt against Ukip goes on, with puff pieces in most MSM outlets trying to stick the knife in one way or another, although they are really straining credibility now. Accusations of racism, corruption, using actors in their adverts (like every other party) the list goes on.
Clearly racist
Mind you, there was a new one today which caught my eye and showed just how bloody stupid the complainer is...
Ukip faced fresh accusations of double standards today amid claims Eastern Europeans have been hired to hand out flyers in its anti-immigration election campaign.
Latvians have been hired by a firm in Croydon to hand out flyers ahead of elections on May 22.
It follows revelations the party used an Irish actor in a poster about Brits missing out on jobs, as David Cameron today stepped up his attack on Ukip, accusing his rivals of not believing the country has a bright future.
Silly thing is, it would have been illegal to advertise to use UK only people to deliver the fliers and I very much doubt Ukip could (or would) ask to vet the staff that an agency would use. Tory MP Gavin Barwell who accused the party of hypocrisy I suspect knows this but chose to make a fool of himself in his quest to make a headline anyway.
You'd think by now the big three would have realised that this campaign of muckraking is having the opposite effect to the one they wanted it's actually rallying support to Ukip and putting people off voting for the big three. There's a sense of circling the wagons from Ukip supporters as well as a rush of support from unexpected quarters (the indigenous working class) who don't see what the odd-ball Ukip candidates as being racist or extremist at all as they live with the bloody problems that the candidates were describing.
There are hints of desperation coming through clearly from the main parties, they clearly are struggling with the concept that a very large minority of people do not like the EU and are being joined by many who simply do not like the mainstream parties and their out of touch policies and rhetoric at all. People are sick and tired of being told all is well when it clearly is not, those same people know just who is to blame as well, it isn't Ukip.

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