Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kneejerk measures

The stabbing of teacher Ann Maguire is a tragedy, I'm pretty sure we'll end up with weeks or even months of investigation and inane commentary by those who have a vested interest in turning her death into their advantage by pushing their agenda, some rightly so, others because they see an opportunity to get more control over us. Unlike the Lee Rigby case, there seems no need for the government and special interest groups to go into defensive mode and excuse the killers or absolve their cause, which means of course they'll try to push for some illiberal measures to further control what we can say or do...
Downing Street has said that it will do everything possible to prevent a repeat of the murder of Ann Maguire, as it emerged that the teenager accused of stabbing her is a fan of a violent video game marketed with the slogan “prepare to die”.
A 15-year-old boy was still being held on suspicion of murder on Tuesday night as police said questioning him “may take some time”.
The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said that “of course” the Government would look at any “lessons to learn” from the murder at a school in Leeds.
The boy is known to have become withdrawn after his parents, a civil servant and a human resources director, separated 10 years ago.
He is said to have turned up at school with gin, Jack Daniels whiskey and beer in his bag on various occasions.
Wow, talk about a golden opportunity to insist schools have metal detectors installed at their gates along with cctv, or a ban on video games and joy of joy for the anti-alcohol brigade to propose increasing booze prices way above what ordinary folk could afford. There's even the opportunity to blame rising divorce rates for a cycle of violence in society too.
Whilst I'm not saying any of this will happen, you can bet your bottom dollar that some hysterics out there will already have their prepared spiel about why xxxx was responsible for Ann Maguire's death and why we should do xxxx to prevent it happening again increasing the surveillance and/or increasing the sheer bloody misery of society where just about anything we can say or do is monitored or covered by legislation and there's always someone out there who believes we need more, more control, more surveillance, more taxation penalties, more censorship, along with less rights, less freedom, and less knowledge of what's actually going on.
There was a recent survey done which found out that we were amongst one of the unhappiest societies in modern times, our happiness index was quite low and politicians etc were scratching their heads as to why.
Perhaps it's because they have removed or restricted our basic freedoms by law or taxation including the ability to resolve situations ourselves by speaking our minds that we're so unhappy, it's quite the thought isn't it?
What happened to Ann Maguire was a tragedy, let's hope that those with agendas don't end up making it worse...

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Anonymous said...

Shame on me , I saw the Leeds , RE Teacher , 15 y/o and immediately thought ah another misunderstander of the ROP

What an Islamophobe I have become

James Higham said...

Where will they mount the machine guns?