Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is this a 'cast iron' promise Dave?

Apparently Cameron has promised to resign if we don't get a referendum on the EU, well we all know the strength of a Cameron promise don't we? He certainly reneged over Lisbon and I'm pretty sure now that he's only offering one now because he suspects he'll win and we'll remain in the EU, certainly the poll's would suggest that there's a slight majority of deluded voters out there who can't see what the EU actually is...
David Cameron has said he would not serve as prime minister after the 2015 general election if he could not deliver a referendum on Europe.
The prime minister said he would not "barter or give away" his pledge to hold a vote on EU membership in 2017.
He made the "really clear promise" in a phone call with Tory activists ahead of next month's European elections.
Labour and the Liberal Democrats have said they oppose a referendum unless more powers are transferred to Europe.
The Conservatives' commitment to hold a referendum on Europe is likely to be a "red line" in any negotiations with other parties about a potential coalition should next year's election not produce an outright winner and there is another Hung Parliament.
Nice to see that the BBC are prepared to give the game away on Labour and the Lib Dems desire to give Brussels even more powers, I guess they figure it will leave them more time to enrich themselves at our expense or cover up their perverted crimes, not that the Tories are saints themselves.
The problem is, I don't believe Cameron can deliver such a promise, I rather suspect he's not going to be in power after 2015 anyway and so this is just words to firm up support in the mildly EUskeptic ranks of the Tories so they don't stick the knife in early. Nor do I believe he can legislate for a referendum in advance as the next Parliament can't be bound by the decisions of the previous one.
I simply can't, considering Cameron's previous record, see how he'll convince anyone of his desire to have a referendum after the next election, his past record isn't impressive and the suspicion remains that he'll renege if the results in poll's suggest that he might lose.
The only way we'll ever get a referendum is if the government thinks it will win, it's as simple as that and that's why Cameron for the minute is offering one.

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Kath lissenden said...

I was so shocked by the temerity of this statement by Camoron.
I very nearly blogged about it this morning, but refrained because the fact that this man can even slightly believe that he stands any chance of winning the next general election beggars belief.
My feeling is it's a stunt to try and sway drifting voters, we all know all the parties are terrified of UKIP and there have been sustained attacks to discredit them over the past few months, stepping up momentum this last week.
The main parties are capable of any tactic to try and reclaim lost ground.
I don't believe Camoron will ever give us a referendum, a colony on Mars by 2016 is more likely than a referendum on the EU, and should one be provided it will be weighted and worded in such a way as to make any out come meaningless.
Camoron is a proven liar and his belief that he stands a chance in 2015 is delusional and laughable. So his "I will quit as Prime Minister" is worthless lip service.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was resigning when (if) Scotland goes independent..or was that a cast iron (non) promise too?