Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ah that 'must' word again

Must, could, should all often enough used by the media and politicians and in the end pretty much useless in the way of actions or results. There's a stark difference between you must obey the law and you will obey the law one implies the detail that you can ignore the request, the other implies a penalty for not acceding to it.
Schools with large numbers of Muslim pupils must respect British values, former home secretary Jack Straw said yesterday.
He spoke as a Muslim MP said a radical ‘Trojan Horse’ plot to take over state schools was operating in Birmingham.
Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, claimed a ‘small group of individuals’ was trying to change the ethos of schools by stealth.
It was also claimed that roving 'morality squads' have been instituted at the affected schools, and would censor talk of non-Muslim festivals and smash pupils' Easter eggs.
Mr Straw said more and more schools were mostly or entirely comprised of Muslim pupils, adding: ‘We have to accept and the schools with a majority of Muslim parents have to accept – as they do if they are Hindu, Sikh, Jewish or Christian – that we also live within the United Kingdom.
‘Alongside values which are religiously based, there has to understanding that this is the UK and there is a set of values – some of which I would say are Christian based – which permeate our sense of citizenship.’
To which those doing the 'Trojan horse' will ignore because what Jack Straw is telling them can be ignored as they don't share his multicultural values at all save only in using and getting away with their little schemes because the enablers in the system viewed it as 'cultural'.
As far as these people are concerned they are doing the right thing by their religion and their culture and so the current furore simply confirms to them that the will of their deviant god is being opposed by the infidel and so they must be doing something right.
Words simply have no effect on these people, they have a plan, they'll do their best to implement it as to them it's the will of their god, telling them no has no effect, you need to get in there and remove them root and branch before they establish themselves. Simply going to the press and saying they must respect us will only make them laugh, they don't and never will respect us, the best we can hope for is that they will fear us and our wrath if they do anything other than talk about or think about trying to promote their religion and culture.

2 annotations:

Dioclese said...

i have no problem with the freedom to follow one's religion - just don't make me follow it too...

john in cheshire said...

QM, my sentiments too. My preferred solution would be to remove all muslims from our country because I'm afraid that is the only way to preserve what is left of our civilisation.