Saturday, March 29, 2014

What bloody crackdown?

Some people do come out with a load of absolute bull when it comes down to making press releases where they allow their beliefs to over ride the facts. Take the latest pronouncement by Tory Peer Lord Howell where he accuses the governments crackdown on immigration to have turned us into nasty Britain...
Immigration crackdown made us 'nasty Britain', says Osborne's father-in-law
Lord Howell, a former energy minister and George Osborne's father-in-law, says gifted immigrants regard the country as 'nasty Britain'
A senior Conservative peer has launched a stinging attack on the Government's immigration policy, saying visa restrictions were creating a "nasty Britain feeling" among foreign students and businesses.
Lord Howell, a former energy minister and George Oborne's father-in-law, said businesses are being put off from coming to the UK because of a "tangle of regulation" while students are close to "despair" at the restrictions imposed on them." The policies are creating a "blot" on Britain's reputation, he said.
This is utter crud, the reason that the restrictions are in place is not to stop the gifted getting in, but the undesirables getting in and then vanishing of which the student visa system is a prime example. If anything the system is still far too lax because the EU has made it possible for anyone with an EU passport to travel here anyway and the Mediterranean countries have a nasty system of giving illegals a passport if they just go anywhere else. As English is a second language for many of them, guess where they come... yep they come to the land of benefits for all.
Until we leave the EU, this kind of abuse will go on.
We need a decent border control which counts people in and people out, we need restrictions on certain groups to make sure they don't outstay their welcome and we need a system in place where if you immigrate and don't pay in, then you get nothing back and your family back home get nothing either.
Yes we should welcome the talented with open arms, but Lord Howell doesn't seem to realise that the talented are suffering because the bloody untalented have taken advantage of the system, not because of some supposed crackdown by the government. There is no crackdown if we are still allowing immigrants in, it's as simple as that.

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Kath lissenden said...

I read Howells comments and quite frankly I wanted to be sick, I was so enraged, I believe my head even spun round and round like a scene from the exorcist.
Why why why is it that these people with no idea of real life come out with all this bollocks.
He needs to come and live in the area I live if he believes the immigrants "enrich" our culture, round here they stream in claiming asylum, say oh I'm a Christian and I am being persecuted, the churches help them get asylum and then they all piss off to the local mosques.
My ire was only more enraged later when I read a piece about Mrs May's new initiative to the boarders agency telling them they can't ask questions or ask for proof of gay and lesbian asylum seekers, at least the Christian asylum seekers have to provide evidence why the hell shouldn't the gay and lesbians also have to provide proof.
I am so sick and tired of all this walking on egg shells around everyone in case they are offended or upset.
I did that with my ex for many years to save my self untold abuse.
I do not expect to have to do the same with people I neither know nor care about who just want to "enrich" our country with accusations of bias racism and prejudice in a country they choose to come too, and then want to dismantle and replace with the same shit they fled because it was to oppressive.
As you can no doubt tell I am quite peed off this morning.
AAAARRRGHHHHH I need to emigrate.