Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another reason to end foreign aid

And legal aid for non UK people too...
Apparently an Ethiopian farmer is using legal aid to sue the British government for giving foreign aid to the Ethiopian government because as with many African governments they are a bunch of thieving despots and have forced him to give his crops and land to them...
An Ethiopian farmer has been given legal aid in the UK to sue Britain – because he claims millions of pounds sent by the UK to his country is supporting a brutal regime that has ruined his life.
He says UK taxpayers’ money – £1.3 billion over the five years of the coalition Government – is funding a despotic one-party state in his country that is forcing thousands of villagers such as him from their land using murder, torture and rape.
The landmark case is highly embarrassing for the Government, which has poured vast amounts of extra cash into foreign aid despite belt-tightening austerity measures at home.
Prime Minister David Cameron claims the donations are a mark of Britain’s compassion.
But the farmer – whose case is set to cost tens of thousands of pounds – argues that huge sums handed to Ethiopia are breaching the Department for International Development’s (DFID) own human rights rules.
He accuses the Government of devastating the lives of some of the world’s poorest people rather than fulfilling promises to help them. The case comes amid growing global concern over Western aid propping up corrupt and repressive regimes.
And that pretty much sums up foreign aid as both the UK public see it (mostly) and the idiot compassion bit that the political classes use to salve their conscience and big themselves up in the press. We should not be giving a penny to foreign governments, unless it's a bribe to buy our stuff, we should at least be honest about it. If we are to give aid, it should be done directly for those we are aiding and cut out the thieving kleptocratic governments en route. Mostly though I believe that whilst we have problems here, we should not be trying to sort out problems there...
As for getting legal aid, sorry, no, he's not a UK citizen and should not be given the cash to do so, if a lawyer wants to take on the case pro bono, fine, but you do not get our cash to sue us.
This is the system that the undisciplined leftards and libtards have saddled us with, full of faux compassion for anyone who wishes enrich themselves at the taxpayers expense and absolute hell for an ordinary person to fathom or deal with. This is why they need to be brought down and denied access to the levers of power. Common sense has left the UK and all we have are idiots like Cameron with their compassion and a system that gives cash to those who don't work here nor have paid into the system.
Some days you just despair.

3 annotations:

Mark Wadsworth said...

Indeed, but if the few thousand quid legal aid this case will cost actually led to the outcome that the UK stopped paying legal aid to anybody (except for discreet export subsidies, as you say) then I would consider that a storming result and money well spent.

Mr. Morden said...

The issue is one of governance and who controls the money and what for.

Currently, we have no say or control over the purse strings and, we have no way to bring people like Cameron down a peg or two.

Effectively, they are at liberty to play fast and loose with our money. This needs to change.

Kath lissenden said...

I do agree with you 100% but as he has been granted legal aid to pursue this case I hope he wins, after all it would serve Camoron and his clan of do gooding morons right maybe a kick in the face like this is exactly what they need to make them see these people are not grateful and we should be helping our own with the billions they are pouring into these arse hole countries.