Friday, March 14, 2014

Seems there's hope for the young

One of the odd maxims around which I think goes back to Churchill says that “If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” mostly based around the view that real life and having to pay your way soon knocks the idea of paying for someone else's follies or life style out of all but the most brain dead leftard.
Still as with a lot of things a generation will look at what their parents or grandparents did or do and change their ways... if only at times to be contrary.
Young people want to see tougher punishments for convicted criminals, a new poll has revealed.
More than seven out of ten of those aged between 18 and 30 want early release for those serving life sentences to be scrapped, while six in 10 believe prison conditions are not tough enough.
Surprisingly, they are also more likely than older people to support hard-line sentences for teenagers.
Seems a lot of the young are actually catching up with us so called right wingers, if only because they see where the idiocy of libtard/leftard thinking has brought us. Granted they'll mature, however it may just be that their views harden and veer more towards a true just system rather than the namby pamby all must have prizes and no one must lose idiocy that has pervaded the thinking of the left to the utter detriment of society as a whole save for certain pets of theirs who get all the best deals anyway and are ignored as it's a 'cultural' thing.
As to whether it will do a great deal for the UK in the long term, only time will tell as more and more young people are divorcing themselves from the political system and wish nothing to do with the chancers who seek their votes.
This could lead the way to some sort of extremist demagogue leading us to an even worse society, but that's a chance we'll have to take and it would probably be better than some sort of left wing anti-paradise.
Either way I foresee interesting times ahead.

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Sarah said...

I spotted this and decided to ask my kids, aged 16, 13 and 12, what they thought. They were genuinely befuddled by the whole concept of 'early release for good behaviour'. They actually laughed and thought I was joking. They said, but it's prison, and you are there because you 'misbehaved' and are being punished. If you can't behave when you are in prison, how can you be trusted to behave once you are released. They also pointed out that when they are in detention at school (not often) the don't get released early for turning up and behaving. They do, how ever, get a further punishment if they either fail to turn up or turn up and misbehave. I asked them their solution - Simple they said. You do the full length of the sentence, if you behave well you are released on your release date. If you misbehave you have time added, depending on what you did. When I asked about prison over crowding they simply said, well duh, build more prisons, if there aren't enough places don't kick them out early just to ease the situation, that doesn't solve the under lying problem. When I pointed pointed out that as many, many prisoners are repeat offenders (aka the revolving door) the eldest said 'Well, there wouldn't be any great increase in prisoners, over all then, but crime rates would almost certainly fall, and the over all cost to the tax payer would be greatly reduced, less police time, less arrests, less court appearances etc'. When I asked if this would ever happen my eldest said 'Nah, too many people making too much money from the way it is run now'. I not only thought this was a stunningly simple solution to the problem but I was mighty chuffed that all my years of ranting about the stupidity of the way certain things are done appears to have rubbed off on the kiddos. As they say, 'Out of the mouths of babes'

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for!

They probaly want use of 'nigger', 'paki', 'poof' and 'queer' made capital offences and drawing and quartering for 'islamophobes', 'europhobes'and 'xenophobes'!

Quiet_Man said...

Mostly they don't see words as weapons to silence those they hate unlike the left. They don't think that much of the EU either.

Dan said...

You have uncommonly intelligent children, and the point that the eldest makes that the numbers of prisoners would not change all that much because so many are repeat offenders is very, very well made indeed.

Indeed, if we simply build or outsource enough long-term prison places, then we can keep the majority of the repeat offenders locked up until they realise that being naughty enough to be imprisoned is a really crap way to spend one's life.

To this I would add that as prison is essentially a voluntary lifestyle choice, a lot of the so-called basic freedoms may be done away with and a bare minimum be done to keep the prisoners healthy in mind and body. Thus interesting food can be substituted with basic food plus vitamins, and assorted computer games and so on become things to be earned not expected as a right.

Finally there is the sociological aspect of prisons. "Monkey see, monkey do" is a major driver of human behaviour and whilst prison does act as scumbag university, it also keeps said scumbags sequestered away from the rest of society removing them as role models.

One other little wrinkle: in Germany, dole payments and the like are given out on the basis of money paid into their social security system. Newly arrived immigrants in Germany get paid precisely nothing on the basis of having paid nothing into that system. Just saying...