Thursday, March 13, 2014

None of our business

Apparently the people of the west's reluctance to engage in wars in foreign countries will encourage our enemies to exploit us according to a top Army general...
A “moral disarmament” in the West that has resulted in a reluctance to engage in conflicts will be exploited by Britain’s enemies, the head of the army has warned.
General Sir Peter Wall said a decade of “politically awkward campaigning” over Iraq and Afghanistan has led to an appetite to “defend on the goal line”.
But adversaries will take advantage of such “reticence” and may have already changed their expectation on how the UK will react to provocation, he warned.
Although he did not name Russia, the comments come at a time when President Vladimir Putin is testing the West’s mettle in a tense stand-off over Ukraine.
You'll have to pardon me the suspicion that if we aren't involved in armed conflict that Sir Peter Wall might well be out of a job...
The thing is though yes we know we have enemies and another of my suspicions is that the government invited the bastards in to live amongst us in the form of islamics. If we are to be in a war then I want the army here to deal with those whom I just know would love to turn us into one of those misogynistic, homophobic barbaric shitholes they believe are the best possible worlds in the form of a shariah run state.
Unlike Sir Peter Wall most of the UK public are now coming to the conclusion that endless wars with distant foreign states are really none of our business. The Ukraine is none of our business, Iraq was none of our business, Afghanistan should have been levelled back to the stone age (save only that might have been an improvement) for their involvement in training terrorists and then left alone to get on with things and levelled again if they tried something stupid again.
These countries are not worth the loss of life of a single soldier, their problems are not our problems unless they directly attack us, hell we shouldn't even bother with aid as all it does is keep the utter bastards in charge rich and on top rather than encouraging their people to rise up and get rid of them.
No, Sir Peter Wall is wrong, they can plot but our response should be to ignore them unless they directly attack us and then our response should be to level their infrastructure to give them so many problems at home that they'll leave us alone.
And hell no should we take in their refugees.

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Mike Spilligan said...

Well written. What seems to have escaped most commentators / journalists on Ukraine(who have mostly followed the Government line) is that this is largely due to the inept Foreign & Commonwealth Office who should be well-informed and neutralising such events, instead of which they seem to be encouraging them.

never60 said...

hi mike.
I also agree with qm. we should look after our own people and let other people look after themselves.
what I don't agree with is your contention that the fco. could have done anything about it.
sure, the eu., us. and fco. actions were wrong-headed, but whatever they did would likely have ended up with the same result - 'cos putin wants to re-build the old czarist Russia and is prepared to bide his time until an opportunity presents itself. so if not now, then some other time.

Kath lissenden said...

I agree QM let these far flung corners take care of themselves the days of the empire and our "God given right" to inter fear wherever we see fit are long gone.
There is a school of thought however,if you choose to listen to the conspiracy theorist that this is a deliberate attempt by the Jews to dominate the world. I am not a subscriber to such theories and therefore have not looked into this.
I would say though that there does seem to be a mass general decline in morality across the world, seems to me it's all about greed and avarice.
Despite having a son in the armed forces I think our growing disdain for war and bloodshed is a good thing.
Do I think it could lead us into trouble at some point in the future when our way of life becomes untenabley compromised by immigration ans non integration?
Sadly Yes I do.
But maybe I am just a pessimist.

ageing man said...

Interesting post today.... a sentiment understood by many I believe.... funny enough sat on my roof yesterday [I am not a roofer] I was struck by a thought.... a thought that is misguided to us by the press.... how many times do you see a news report from some war ravaged location and some pitiful local looks into the camera lens, arms held open wide… and with tears in their eyes pleads for the west to help them and rescue them, for greater effect they add…. Why does the west let us suffer like this…..

For sure at the level of that individual, it is a tragedy, it is terrible….

But and this is the big but…. Where is the proof for the covenant that the “west” is responsible for rescuing everyone who is on the arse end of some local dispute ? …… no matter how brutal that dispute may seem….

Who knows, maybe when the person is saying “rescue us”… perhaps it’s an impassioned plea to the camera man himself…

The truth is, history is littered with the proof that so called democratic governments carry the underlying fault for why these countries descend into the violence we now see.

Many of the Balkan disputes flow from the allies failure to remedy long held tribal disputes at the end of the second world war, such disputes that pre-existed WW2 by 100's of years.

Look also at our attempt to bring democracy to the middle east, they have never understood democracy so what makes us think we can persuade them to believe in our arrogance that democracy is the only way ? …. Because we are prepared to sell them an iPhone ? …..fooking help us all if that is the case….

Sir Peter Hall is delusional, and for those who say, we should stop the suffering in Syria… or we should step into the Ukraine and stop Putin….or anywhere else we care to mention.... My response would be …. Matron over here please, we have a patient in need of more medication….

Panaroma, BBC this Monday past, had Peter Kenyon doing something in Ukraine, but I have a clue not as to what the point he was trying to make…..

I think he was supposed to be saying, look…. It’s terrible all these unidentified Russians stealing Crimea from under the noses of the Ukraines… Perhaps if one of the unidentified soldiers had shot Peter Kenynon and then said to him….. charge of the light brigade, Peter Kenyon might have been worth watching……. Oh the fooking ignorance of those so blind who do not want to see……

Afghanistan happened, I was so against it [but not just Afghanistan] but if we have anything to be thankful for, is that we saw the futility of it all and we are now are the cusp of an important development of this country, and that is to take a step back from the edge and save all of us before it is too late. We have seen Tony Blair for the lying bastard he is, we have seen the futility of believing we can change the world, so now is the time to change ourselves.

Let the Scots fuck off and do their own thing, dump the twats in Brussels, stop cnuts coming into this country and wrecking havoc…..

and then we have a chance to get our own house in order and we could all look forward to a better future for us, here and now, our children here and now…. And if we should find out that some despot in a mad country has a underground garage filled with gold plated luxury cars then just be proud that we didn’t pay for them…. And if that despot then uses weapons on his own people be proud that we did not supply him those weapons……

Will that happen ?

Does that Utopia exist ?

MATRON ! MATRON !....... matron over here I need more medication……..

DerekP said...

What does this general think would happen if we lost a war?
Would it go as far as something like this:

- laws made by a foreign power

- 'conquered' have to live by non-English ways, and told their culture does not exist, to stifle any thought of resistance

- so the 'victors' would live amongst us under laws preferential to them, and detrimental to the English

- so the 'victors' could go around armed , and use intimidation and violence to enforce their will with little fear of the law

- the 'victors' would confidently rape and enslave the women of the 'conquered'

- and the 'conquered' would have to give vast amounts of money to the 'victors'?

I have news for this general, and he is not the first British general to need this news:

"The current war is not what you think it is.
Look up from the foreign map the EU-loving politicians and 'civil servants' put in your hand and gaze on the reality of what we are losing".