Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well at least he didn't hang on...

It was interesting that the immigration minister resigned after finding that he was employing an illegal immigrant. Not the fact that he resigned, that was a sort of falling on your sword thing to do and quite honourable in avoiding claims of hypocrisy. No, the most interesting thing was that it only took him a week and he didn't try to justify it either simply that he made a mistake in not checking the immigrants credentials properly.
Mark Harper, the Immigration Minister, has resigned from the government after it emerged that he had employed a cleaner who was in the country illegally
Mr Harper said he discovered last week that she did not have indefinite leave to remain in the UK and decided that his position leading the government’s immigration reforms was no longer tenable.
The MP, seen as one of the rising stars of the Conservative Party, conceded that he should have checked his cleaner’s background “more thoroughly”.
He announced his decision to quit the government in a letter to the Prime Minister, in which he apologised for any “embarrassment” he had caused.
Very, very different you'll admit to other MP's of both Lords and Commons who have tried to hang on for months if not years with scandals hanging over them as the 'boy's' club closed ranks around them. Indeed Mr Harper probably took the wind right out of Labours sails by simply resigning after the facts became known rather than be subjected to weeks if not months of criticism at the ballot box during PM's question time.
Not that Labour have exactly anything to be proud about with illegal immigrants as they allowed the farce of the Border's Agency to develop as well as opening the floodgates to uncontrolled legal immigration as well which allowed several illegals to vanish into the melting pot once their visas expired.
Unfortunately whilst we remain part of the EU our borders will remain dangerously open allowing illegals who somehow make it into the EU free access across the Schengen Zone to the border at Calais. Indeed Greece at least was known to give illegals temporary visas on the grounds that they went elsewhere.
Still kudos to Mr Harper for not dragging out his eventual resignation over an embarrassingly long period.
As for illegals, well until we get control of our borders that's a problem that isn't going away any time soon.

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