Saturday, February 8, 2014

Define extreme

Tim (Birdmincer) Yeo believes extreme Tories might just put voters off for voting for the party. After being deselected by his own party due to mostly not attending to his constituency and his insistence on green birdmincers being placed all over the countryside for his own personal profit he believes that somehow or other it's the fault of people he believes to be extreme, but who are probably just applying common sense with who are responsible for party numbers dropping.
The Conservative Party is increasingly dominated by a “shrinking band” of members with “extreme” views on issues like Europe and same-sex marriage, an ousted MP has said.
Tim Yeo, who was this week deselected by the Conservatives in South Suffolk, said the party’s dwindling membership was leading it to take positions that are increasingly at odds with wider public opinion. He was the second sitting Conservative MP in a week to be sacked as a candidate by local activists, following the deselection of Anne McIntosh in Thirsk and Malton.
Mr Yeo’s critics said his deselection partly reflected his controversial business interests in the renewable-energy industry, but the MP suggested the move showed a wider trend within the party.
Interviewed by The Telegraph, Mr Yeo said that grassroots Conservatives were seeking to force MPs into ever-stronger opposition to the European Union and same-sex marriage. He has taken a moderate line on both issues.
“We have a shrinking membership which means you tend to get predominantly among those remaining activists people with probably more extreme views than the average Conservative voter and that applies on issues like the EU, on issues like gay marriage,” he said. Mr Yeo also warned the Conservative Party in Parliament was becoming increasingly unmanageable on issues like Europe, demanding that David Cameron take an impossibly hard line on the EU.
On the matter of same sex marriage, a lot of people believe that marriage is a male/female institution and a religious set of vows. Forcing churches, mosques and synagogues to perform same sex marriages was never going to be a vote winner despite what the gay movement believed. You want to alienate people, that was a good way to do it, if you want to persecute people and force them to act against their beliefs than you can't expect them to remain in a political party that ignores their views.
The EU is a contentious issue but mostly because the EUphiles of whom Cameron and Yeo are members and a lot of the Tory grass roots are anything but and do not like the government simply rubber stamping EU diktats and especially do not like the promise of a referendum taken away from them no matter how weasel worded the apology was. Nor does the fact that some people want out of the EU repel voters as Mr Yeo believes, otherwise Ukip would not be growing at both the Tories and Labour's expense.
No, what's put off voters from the political process is the fact that the political classes do not want what the voters want and have been caught like Mr Yeo with their hands in the till both literally and figuratively through directorships of 'green' companies sucking up taxes without giving value for money.
We're put of because they are lying, greedy pigs who have time and time again put their own benefit ahead of the countries and Mr Yeo led the bloody charge!
One day we'll hang them all...

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Longrider said...

I find the dissonance expressed by the likes of Yeo odd to say the least. it is clear from the rise in popularity of Ukip that the EU is an issue many voters are concerned about. it is not just a Tory fringe - it is mainstream people from ordinary backgrounds who now realise that the big three do not represent them at all. Ukip offers an alternative. Yeo represents no one but himself and tarnishing those who disagree with his EUphile views merely shows him up as the charlatan that he is.

Ricke said...

Here we go again with the never ending hokey cokey dance of "hang the lying thieving cunts by piano wire on lamposts" theme one day, and the following day discussing the merits of policies .

Just as i was going to post the above, i read Longriders respones who preaches the theme that he has no time for fucking bastard politicians so many times on his blog it gets so boring and predictable, "fuck off you evil cunts" sums up years of mindless drivel from him. Today he announces "Ukip offers an alternative"

Yawn, Ukippers are politicans full stop, do you think all those middle aged Ukippers have been out of politics for decades and haven't been pissing in the same pot as the rest of them?

I like reading about the Scotland vote on gets real funny watching bloggers avoid saying which party they agree with...Angry man did his own Ali shuffle of " its up to the scots" and if they asked me "its bye bye scotland", and the cock eyed shite about Cameron encoraging them to stay and its not up to us...for fucks sake what do you expect the Prime minister to say about the break up of the UK....fuck all?

At least you are consistent on Islamahate, muslimhate, no hokey cokey with that is there?

Sunday will it be a piano wire string em up or vote Ukip day?...first one to spot the hokey cokey thread on any blog of one view shortly after the other one got aired wins a Rickie...stop smoking gift pack.

Happy hunting.

Longrider said...


Quiet_Man said...

You had noticed that it's the Scots who get to vote on independence from us, not we getting a vote to keep the Scots? Hence my comment on not getting a vote whilst making sure people knew how I'd vote if I got the chance.

James Higham said...

Why would anyone listen to anything Yeo says?