Saturday, February 15, 2014


Green on the outside red at the core, the perfect description of the enviroloon movement which is as much about wealth theft distribution (rich to poor) than about saving the planet, You can see how intolerant like socialists they are of any rival or competing counter culture based on opposing views with the words of Natalie Bennet the Green party leader.
CLIMATE change sceptics in the Cabinet should be sacked to show the Government is serious about tackling extreme weather events such as the recent flooding, the Greens said today.
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett singled out Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, Chancellor George Osborne and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles as prime contenders for David Cameron's axe.
Her comments, which have been branded "quasi-fascist" by opponents, came as the Party announced a 10-point plan to improve the UK's flood resilience.
Other proposals include an end to the "revolving door between the fossil fuel industry and government" and a demand the Government pays more attention "to advice from the Met Office and the Climate Change Committee that climate change will lead to even more such events in the future."
Ms Bennett explained to Express Online it was time politicians pulled in the same direction.
She said: "In terms of the consensus, 97 per cent of climate change scientists are in agreement about man-made climate change.
Lots of people believe in climate change, but and it's a big but, not that many of us other than enviroloons and politicians with snouts in the birdmincer trough actually believe in man made climate change especially since the complete and utter failure the of the computer models designed to show it along with the evidence that they faked the results and rounded up the results to try and prove their case.
Having like socialists having their 'perfect' world ridiculed and proven to be a pipe dream, the Greens have reverted to another trick of socialism, if there is no opposition then we can do things our way.
So calls are being made to rid the politicians of heretics non believers in a call similar to the occasional purge in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea etc. Pretty standard stuff in its days and shows the Greens in their true colour, red to the core. Don't like dissent, ban it, don't like peopl questioning your policies, ban them, don't like individual thinkers ban them, question party policy ban them.#
Next step with be labour camps up in Siberia Kielder where opponents of the state can work off their crimes for questioning the sanity of the Green religion.

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Longrider said...

In some respects they do us a favour for the suggestion is so extreme, that otherwise disinterested people will take notice and recognise that it is incompatible with a liberal democracy.

Joe Stalin would have been proud of his legacy in the Green Party.

Anonymous said...

For once, the BBC have managed to do the right thing. The interviewer did a wonderful job, handing Bennett the nails for her to hammer into the lid of her own coffin (and that of the Green party, with any luck), and which she did with great enthusiasm!