Friday, February 14, 2014

A different meaning to the word charity...

Muslims are by their religion obliged to give so much of their earnings to charity, it's called Zakat which means alms. Under most conditions this is a good thing, and I have no problem with it being used to help out other muslims. However there are some muslims who stretch the term charity way past any reasonable bound until the pips squeak...
Charity aid convoys are at the centre of a counter terrorism investigation over fears they are supporting Al-Qaeda militants in Syria.
Tens of thousands of pounds in cash has already been seized from relief vehicles travelling from Britain to the war-torn state.
Security services fear the huge relief effort is being hijacked by radical Islamists determined to support networks of violent jihadists.
British Home Counties suicide bomber Abdul Waheed Majeed, 41, was among those who travelled to Syria under the banner of charitable work.
He joined an aid convoy after his Crawley mosque raised more than £140,000 to help refugees in just a few months.
But Majeed left them to kill himself by driving an armoured dumper lorry laden with explosives into the gates of Aleppo prison last week.
Whilst generally I have no problem with muslims going to Syria to take part in the civil was there (whilst having grave doubts on letting the mad buggers back in here) I do believe that a lot of charitable donations to Syria are nothing of the sort and that much of it as ever is funnelled into weapons and explosives. It also bothers me that some Christian churches are supporting this moronic move considering what the muslim rebels have done to Christians living there. You'd think by now that people would realise that the quranic verse
5, 51 "O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide people who are unjust." 
Means exactly what it says on the tin, some muslims may be friendly, but their religion can twist them into something that is most unlikeable. Nor does there appear to be any sign of when the internal switch goes from normal to jihad which is a tad worrying.
Again and again we seem to be drawn into matters which are none of our concern. Sure I realise that where people choose to send their personal donations is their choice, but people ought to at least check out the basics of where the aid might actually end up...

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never60 said...

as an atheist, it seems to me that:
if a Christian does good works, then it's fair to say that they did it BECAUSE of their religion.
but if a moslem does good works, then it's fair to say that they did it IN SPITE of their religion.