Saturday, February 1, 2014

So don't let them come back #2

Learned a bit more about the radical islamists from this country and France fighting in the Syrian civil war. Seems there are a good few more than was first feared.
AS MANY as 700 Britons are fighting with Al Qaeda linked extremists in war torn Syria, France’s President Francois Hollande warned today.
He said a similar number from France had also travelled there, making the issue one of the most serious facing his country and the UK.
The two countries have agreed closer cross-Channel co-operation to keep track of potential jihadists.
Intelligence services and counter-terrorism experts worry that home grown fighters will return from Syria radicalised and ready to use violence as a means of achieving their goals.
The figure of 700 Britons in Syria is almost double the most recent expert estimate.
There are reports of these people being radicalised and trained as fighters although I rather suspect anyone going to Syria to fight was pretty radical enough.
Thing is, we don't need these people coming back and practising their new skill set here, unfortunately the likelihood is that they will and will even radicalise more fighters by becoming their role models.
I know the government can't or won't do it due to international pressure, but these people have no business being allowed back in the country and their passports should be revoked.
We have enough problems with islamists in this country without allowing another bunch back who see the solution to any problem as to kill it. No these are not soldiers, they have no discipline other than the gun, they will not be useful members of society when they do come back.
So don't let them back...

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Rickie said...

I thought we had to worry about all the homegrown jihadists living here, they don't have to return from abroad to get all radicalised , if they have gone to Syria to fight they were already fucked up, surely?

Also if they got to Syria to fight then the are clever enough to get back by thousands of different routes and will never get stopped, the government in my opinion hasn't a clue who is likely to go, who is there, what they are doing, who they are joining and how the fuck they will stop anyone returning with some evidence is beyond belief.

Al Qaeda is their only chance, perhaps they will give some still alive names to go after.

This story is extreme propagander in my opinion, we keep hearing about terror cells and impending doom for years now when in reality its very rare to have anything happen except the usual "plot foiled" story before the Olympics or Royal wedding....yeah where were all these jihadists outide Buckingham palace on the big day?, all it would take is one suicide bomber with a simple bomb made from the local chemist and set it off during the biggest media event worldwide in 2011, hell they didin't even need training to wield a knife and go on killing spree in the crowd.

Is there a problem we ahould be worried about?yeah a tiny one, about the same level of threat as from lone nutters who go killing sprees at schools or similar stories with machine guns because the teacher or locals wern't very nice to them,

Quiet_Man said...

We don't allow rabid dogs back into the country. Same diference really.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I rather don't think we'll have all that much of a problem with British jihadis going to Syria, actually fighting, then coming home again. Consider the problem from the perspective of actual Syrians...

If you're a Syrian Government commander, the last thing you want are unproven raw idiots who come from a country that is overtly hostile to your regime. At best they're dead weight, at worst you have to worry about the possibility of UK soldiers coming in to rescue them, and good though some of your soldiers are, a few untrained arseholes are not worth the risk.

If you're one of the myriad Syrian rebel groups, you face similar risks. UK jihadis are raw, untrained, unreliable unknown quantities whom you know have come from a soft Western background. You cannot trust them to stand firm and fight for you, you don't even know what they'll do first time under fire. You're also worried about other rebel factions; what if these morons are not in fact silly young fools from Britain but in fact agents from your rival factions merely putting the weird accent and "two short planks" attitude on to fool you? Basically, you can't trust them at all, but they might be useful as cannon-fodder.

So, the government side is not going to give them time of day. The rebel side will either tell 'em to get lost, shoot them out of hand, or use them to lead charges against the enemy and put troops behind them with orders to kill them if they falter or misbehave in any way.

A very few of these jihadis are possibly going to survive, but most of them will stay in Syria. Most are either going to get booted straight out again, or wind up dead because nobody wants to take a chance with them; this is why I feel there will be little to no problem with returning experienced jihadis (although there will be a lot of misguided fuckwits who go over, get a flea in their ear and return talking every bit as good a war as any other Walter Mitty character would.