Sunday, February 2, 2014

No s**t Sherlock...

It was amusing to read about a report mentioned in the Daily Mail which effectively put the boot into multiculturalism and none integration of various ethnic groups in the UK as allowed by previous government administrations as an exercise in vote grabbing and electoral gerrymandering.
Ethnic minorities should be encouraged to integrate into society rather than living in neighbourhoods with people from their own countries because it makes them 'feel more British', a study has shown.
Researchers from Essex University and the University of Oxford have found that minorities living in mixed areas were five per cent likely to identify with being British than those who didn't.
People who lived separately from their own ethnicity were also just as likely to take part in community activities, help out their neighbours and trust those they lived with as those who segregated themselves.
The study of 4,391 people, 3,582 of which came from ethnic minorities found that, for white Britons, being poor was a bigger factor in breaking down trust between neighbours than race.
'Diversity is really good for minority members in Britain,' the report's co-author, Neli Demireva, said. 'If they live in diverse scenarios they identify more with Britain. Contact is good because they don't create reactive identities.'
The use of the word diversity is of course in direct opposition to its use by the leftards and libtards who hate this country and wish to change it into something it is not. Their idea of diversity is akin to ghettoism and allows for different communities to wall themselves apart and will protect their right to do so with the extreme reaction of a rabid dog to anyone suggesting that they should mix in and get on with the rest of us.
Of course most minority groups do and it's amusing that the report doesn't focus on the 'M' word communities who are using their religion and tribalism to bring a little piece of their shitholes from over there to over here.
Of course you have to be careful about focussing on the 'M' word communities, they have a tendency to threaten with death anyone being mildly critical of them and are ably assisted by the moronic left who believe it's cultural and besides they vote for them and hate Israel too so what's not to like.
By permitting non-integration for so many years we've built up a ticking timebomb within our country that will probably end up in a violent confrontation at some stage, particularly if we allow members of a certain community who have been trained in arms by their terrorist supporting brothers abroad to come back here.
Non-integration will end in tears, hopefully not ours, but I have my doubts.

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andy5759 said...

We have not been allowed to become gun comfortable. Our right to bear arms has been removed because a nutter with guns almost killed Andy Murray. FFS! Even Prince Phillip said that a golf club would have had the same result, a sand iron may have even got Andy Mary.