Friday, February 21, 2014


The Boy Clegg threw down a challenge to the Leader of Ukip the other day to debate an in out referendum on the EU. Farage's response was simply to say only of Cameron and Milliband were involved too.
NICK Clegg has challenged Ukip leader Nigel Farage to a "once and for all" live debate on Britain's membership to the Europe Union.
Ukip's new director of communications Patrick O’Flynn, the former chief political commentator for the Daily Express, said the idea was "interesting" but wanted further assurances about other participants.
He said: “A televised leaders’ debate for the European elections is a very interesting idea. But it would be ridiculous if Nick Clegg were to refuse to extend his invitation to David Cameron and Ed Miliband too.
“So we want to know from Mr Clegg that Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband are invited as well and that he has in mind a comprehensive and live leaders’ debate on a major broadcast outlet. We would also like to hear from Mr Clegg that he is ready to resume his support for an In/Out EU referendum, which he supported before the 2010 general election, but abandoned soon after.
One can only imagine that Clegg is getting desperate to pick up the pro EU vote in the UK as Cameron and Milliband are struggling against Ukip to a degree over the EU with both parties having their own branch of EUskeptics within the parties who are clearly at odds with the leadership who seem to believe the sun shines out of the EU's orifices.
It has been pointed out to me that perhaps Clegg is being wise here in attempting to gain the pro EU vote for the EU elections, but overall a debate is highly unlikely way to gain votes as although Clegg did well in the last elections leadership debate his performance thereafter in Parliament showed that words alone do not make a good politician.
Whilst I must admit I'd like to see such a debate, I rather fancy that when the ground rules are sorted (should anyone agree to such a debate) that it would be deadly dull and the truth would probably be the biggest casualty.I don't want to vote on personalities, I want facts and facts about the EU are very hard to come by, we don't even know for sure how much it costs us to belong for one thing.
Still, it might be interesting to at least see Clegg and Farage go head to head...

2 annotations:

Dioclese said...

Clegg knows he's buggered after the Euros. His party is going to get decimated as they were last May - which was well played down in the media.

I reckon he'll be gone by Christmas and will most likely get a plum job in the EU - which is what he's after and why he wants to keep us in the EU.

Mr. Morden said...

Farage famously does not do detail. And if he tries to argue on economic grounds Clegg may score a few well placed blows.

The EU is a political project. If you want to stand any chance of winning an argument with a Europhile, it is best to do it over the issues of governance, law making, democracy and accountability.

Yes you can talk about jobs and influence and all that guff if you want, but then you will be arguing over things that are difficult to quantify and prove. Never let them set the agenda, as they will use FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Deceit.

Farage would do well to state that it he will only do it if Cameron joins the debate. Damaging Clegg is a no win game. Damage either Cameron or Red Ed and you might get somewhere.