Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A dish best served cold

Revenge that is where someone will wait years if necessary to get their own back for some slight, upset, betrayal or simply years of being told who to vote for...
A FAMILY of diehard Labour supporters are fuming after a “wicked battle-axe” widow left her husband’s £770,000 fortune to the Conservative Party.
Violet Baker, who appeared to be politically neutral all her life, was attacked yesterday for handing Ray Baker’s money to his sworn enemies in their biggest ever political bequest.
She cut her relatives out of her will, gifting the inheritance to the Tories with a remaining £2,000 going to a friend who cared for her in her dying days.
Her furious sister-in-law Elsie Clark, 88, said: “My poor brother would be spinning in his grave if he knew Violet had given his hard-earned cash to the Tories.
“Violet knew our family was staunch Labour.
“Our dad was very strict about that. He said, ‘As soon as you’re old enough to vote, vote Labour.
“All that money was left to her and she didn’t want us to get our hands on it, she was a wicked woman, a battle-axe.
“I don’t know what she was politically. She wouldn’t go out to vote in an election.”
I rather suspect politically she was neutral, she just didn't vote because of the pressure she'd get of her husband to vote Labour'  after all, that's what their father told his family to do and they appear not to have been capable of making their own minds up and are the classic would vote for a donkey if it wore a red rosette Labour supporters.
Still I can't think of a better way to wind up a family who had been brainwashed to vote Labour all their lives and it's not like it was their money anyway despite the squeals.
And that's the nub isn't it? It was her money to do with as she wanted and handing it across to people whose politics she did not agree with was probably the best way to give them a collective heart attack.
Good on you Violet, I hope that wherever you ended up you're having a giggle at the apoplexy in your husbands side of the family.

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restoring britain said...

Gotta love them socialists - deciding that other folk's money belongs to them.

As was said elsewhere - socialists are always willing to give you the shirt off someone else's back

Macheath said...

Well said!

Reading between the lines, the sort of family to create this kind of public fuss - and for those reasons - would hardly have welcomed a new bride with open arms.

I imagine Violet endured much hostility from them during her marriage, particularly if she came from a less bigoted background; I hope she derived much secret satisfaction in her declining years from contemplating their likely reactions to the will.

Mr. Morden said...

They should not be complaining.

One of the main tenants of Socialism is, "From each according to his ability, too each according to their needs."

She decided that the Conservatives needed it more. So she was a classic Socialist in that context.

I rest my case, my Lord.

Anonymous said...

The irony I particularly enjoy is that of a "die-hard" socialist having such a fortune - then his equally "die-hard" family wanting a piece of it!

Oh, the bigotry Violet must have had to suffer makes the ending even more sweet.

Radical Rodent