Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Charity begins at home

With the Somerset Levels under several feet of water in some places, the Thames bursting its banks upriver of London and even in my neck of the woods the Medway flooding between Yalding and the tidal lock at Allington the pressure is mounting from some to grab from the foreign aid budget and spend it on the people in this country who have been betrayed by the EU and enviroloon led Environment Agency.
South China Morning Post.
The leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, urged the government yesterday to redirect part of its foreign aid budget to flood victims at home.
On a visit to the flood-hit county of Somerset, Farage complained that Britain gives aid to India despite New Delhi having its own space programme.
Flooding and landslips have completely cut off rail routes to large parts of England's south west as storms continue to batter southern Britain.
"It seems to me that the aid budget is about us giving charity overseas. When you've got an emergency in this country, it's time to say that charity begins at home," he said. "The international aid budget is £11 billion [HK$140 billion] a year. All the government have offered so far is less than 1 per cent of that in the form of £100 million.
"If, suddenly, that was 5 per cent or 6 per cent, you'd be talking real money."

Of course there's the usual lunacy from some who believe spending UK cash abroad to reduce 'climate change' will be the best way to rip us off
Britain’s international aid budget will help reduce flooding in the UK by addressing the causes of climate change abroad, Eric Pickles has said.
Yes that is the enviroloon line that our money spent abroad might have prevented the flooding. The sort of lunacy that prevented dredging to siphon off the excess water quickly and wouldn't allow the silt to be used to raise land (That's the EU for you putting wildlife above people)
It's now reached the stage where £11 billion is being handed out to kleptocracies and countries who don't need it. This cash would be better spent on us and used as the occasional bribe to sell hardware abroad not handed out to warlords and corrupt politicians.
Foreign aid is a luxury we can no longer afford along with muslim extremism and the EU which are the most pressing problems facing this nation other than the growth of the public sector and fake charities.
It's time to take a chainsaw to state spending and remove billions from the tax cache to be spent on things we simply don't need.
Somewhere along the line the political class hijacked the budgets to spend on pet projects, they need to be reined in and if necessary punitively fined to claim back the waste they've lavished upon themselves.
The boy Clegg is going on about a mansion tax (again) he'd be better off destroying the states largesse on organisations like quango's and the environment agency.
Except he won't, he has a finger in that pie via the EU as well.

4 annotations:

Anonymous said...

Couldn't we give Lord Smith, Nick Clegg et al as foreign aid or would that conflict with their 'human rights'?

Derekp said...

What is the word for someone in a position of trust,
who takes money from an outside agency,
and then underhandedly works for that agency against the best interests of those who gave their trust?

Dioclese said...

A subject close to my heart on which I have written many times. I really wish we'd stop calling it aid and call it what it really is : bribes.

We can't afford it. Let's reconsider it when we can and until then spend the money on those who need it most - ourselves and our country.

I agree with Farage on this issue. And you can bet the poor bastards flooded out are either uninsured or uninsurable from hence forth.

Why not use the aid money to set up a government run insurance scheme for these por bastards?

Anonymous said...

Good grief if they had a brain cell between them, they'd be even more dangerous.
I cannot believe the thinking of these parastic monsters, it's true what they say when you enter parliament all reason goes out the window, especially when they see the amount of dosh they can suck out of the taxpayers.
I wish to hell they'd realise there our employees not our employers....