Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Showing your true colours

When in negotiations, do you for example send in a guy who is known to sympathise with the opposition to do your negotiations for you no matter how experienced he is? Or do you send in someone who will fight like hell to get what you want, even if they aren't as experienced?
I rather expect that most would send in the attack dog, however when it's the EU and it's Cameron sending in a team to negotiate...
David Cameron has risked angering Tory Eurosceptics by refusing to appoint a powerful figure to spearhead a renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU.
The Prime Minister insisted Foreign Secretary William Hague and Europe minister David Lidington were ‘making good progress’ and headed ‘one of the most expert groups of people I could have’.
There have been growing calls from Conservative MPs suspicious of the Foreign Office’s attitude to Brussels for Mr Cameron to bring in a senior Eurosceptic to start talks with other EU leaders.
Eurosceptic Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell expressed concern about the Prime Minister’s remarks.
‘It is very unlikely that the Foreign Secretary or the Europe Minister are even minded to get a great new deal for us, let alone likely to get one,’ Mr Carswell said.
Sadly I believe Douglas Carswell is right, Cameron has no intentions of offering us any sort of deal with the EU that would actually repatriate powers, we may get a shiny new treaty that he can claim to support in his promised referendum, but it isn't one that the EUskeptics want or indeed possibly a majority of the UK public want. Cameron is desperately playing for time, there are doubts that he will win the next election, which is why he promised a forced upon him referendum, but also if he does win the election he needs something in order to fool the UK public in not tipping over the Brussels gravy train.
It's still my belief that Cameron will only offer us a referendum if he's positive that the result will be the one he wants, otherwise all we'll get is delays. The other outcome will be if we lose, we'll be given the opportunity to do it again as Ireland found out.
What we really need is to elect a party who will simply take us out, unfortunately none of the big three will do so...

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Anonymous said...

Cameron must be seen by those in his party, and to a lesser extent those in the rest of the country, to be doing something.

He knows his party will be toast at the next election. But what does he care.

1) He has the post of PM on his CV
2) He is in a safe seat, so won't be one of those booted out.
3) He has a very good chance of making a fortune post political career, just like his mentor.

All in all, he has done rather well for doing absolutely nothing for 5 years except screw us all over.