Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ignorance is bliss

At least according to Gwent Police who have come up with a rather novel way of reducing their crime figures.
A police force which boasted the largest fall in crime in England and Wales failed to record dozens of incidents, a report found.
An investigation into Gwent Police's figures discovered half the reported crimes it looked at were incorrectly recorded by officers.
It comes months after Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Johnston accused former Chief Constable Carmel Napier of manipulating the force's crime figures.
Mrs Napier strongly denied this but quit in June after an order from Mr Johnston to "retire or be removed".
Gwent Police recorded the largest fall in crime in England and Wales for the year 2011-12.
A rather simple solution to the states insistence on documenting everything by way of league tables is it not?
Get to the top of the table by lying or misrepresenting the figures that you submit, after all it's what the climate change lobby have been doing for years and no one's pulled them on it (much) well by way of politicians anyway.
The problem is of course sooner or later you have to provide proof of your figures and that's where Gwent fell foul in it's marvellous little scheme to be the best of the best. It's like a 100 metre athlete claiming he can do it in under five seconds, sooner or later he has to prove it to someone other than himself. Still it does make you wonder who else is out there lying about things...
Cameron's 'this isn't islam' springs to mind as a more blatant example. As does Gordon Brown's 'no more boom and bust' too. Though picking on politicians saying idiotic things is a bit like grenading fish in a barrel. Other examples were/are the ever increasing exam achievements by our kids, despite the headlines from bosses and universities that they could barely read, write or do maths in some cases. The polar bears will all drown being another as their numbers are increasing and the voracious buggers can swim really well.
We are lied to on a daily basis, it's just nice to see someone finally getting pulled on it...

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john in cheshire said...

I love it when these liers are exposed but I do wish they were both sacked and prosecuted, rather than being allowed to resign. Resignation implies that they retain all the pension and other rights that they would have accrued during their period of employment. Compare that to the recent case of the soldier who has been incarcerated for at least 10 years for killing one of our enemies. I understand that he loses his benefits from military service, as do his family. That isn't justice. That's blatent partisanship towards the ungodly elite.