Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Not quite a Darwin award

It never ceases to amaze me, the sheer stupidity of some people when trying to do something funny, illegal, or simply for a bet. Take Karl McGarry for instance (please) he wants to be an arsonist, he wants to be an arsonist so much he set fire to himself...
Karl McGarry was left looking like the bumbling burglar in Home Alone when his Russian-style furry hat went up in flames.
The 25-year-old eventually managed to extinguish the flames but his attempts at arson left him writhing in agony and with red burn marks to the top of his head.
The incident occurred in July 2011 after McGarry had been recruited to firebomb the cars in St Helens, by local drugs baron Eugene Price, 34, who was engaged in a 20 year feud with a rival family.
But McGarry goofed when he put his head inside one of the cars to light the petrol and set his hat on fire in the process.
He was seen being driven away with his head still in a "blaze of flames."
He got six years for it, but frighteningly enough he's still capable of breeding...
If he had managed to kill himself I'm sure he may have been a candidate for the Darwin Awards, given out to the most lunatic deaths by accidental design on the planet.
It is of course possible that in some future McGarry could possibly become a useful citizen, though at this stage it's difficult to see how he could manage to raise his intelligence above that of your average housefly approaching a bug zapper.
Still, I'm sure the streets are far safer with McGarry off them...

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