Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's for your own good

'It's for your own good' the cry of the bansturbator, along with the perennial 'Think of the children' memes which haunt the places of influence that these odious people frequent in order to force us to abide by their decisions. Essentially they treat us like children with blanket bans rather than tackling the real problems...
Betting machines in book makers which let punters bet hundreds of pounds every minute are to be banned if Labour wins the next election.
Ed Miliband said he would pass a new law giving councils the power to ban so-called Fixed Odds Betting Terminals if he is Prime Minister after 2015.
The Labour leader said the terminals, which allow punters to bet £300 a minute or £18,000 an hour, were turning bookies into “mini casinos”.
Mr Miliband said the machines were being targeted in poorer areas, which people could ill-afford heavy losses on the machines.
I'm sure there are problems with gamblers not knowing when to stop, it's the same with any pastime or enjoyment, we see it with people who like a drink and get violent, sports fans, union activists, politicians etc. Some people just don't know when to stop.
The problems start when idiots like the current leftards in the Labour party or the self righteous Daily Mailer's of the Tories decide that 'something must be done' and their solution is not to apply specific solutions to a problem but always to opt for the blanket ban. So they penalise the person who spends a little time playing a slot machine and not a fortune to save us all from those who do. In a similar manner they ban ordinary folks from having a drink outside a pub in the summer rather than go after those causing a problem. They'll hike the price of alcohol through the roof and penalise all rather than simply use existing laws to round up drunken troublemakers. They then panic when counterfeit (cheap) booze suddenly comes onto the market because the real stuff is too expensive. They banned smoking in pubs and hid the results of a survey which told the world passive smoking actually does not increase your chances of getting cancer.
Bansturbation or taxation is all these people know and use the foolish to force their views on everyone else and it's all about power and control to those trying to treat adults like children with their 'we know best' attitudes which more often than not have unforeseen consequences which shows that they definitely don't know best.
The list of people we're going to have to hang in order to bring sanity back to this country grows ever longer.

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Rickie said...

I only noticed the other day "bookies" popping up on high streets like charity shops despite online gambling being so easy to set up and use. The reason for the surge in bookies are these machines which lure the stupid into mini casinos, betting savvy punters left the high street to go online like i have done with my weekly football bets and left the numbnuts behind in bookies on the slot machines

I know these numbnut types , they need the government to step in to help them.

This is a typical blogger bansturbating story, its not a blanket ban at all, nothing is being forced on anyone, nothing has been banned, the public will decide through democracy.

for fucks sake stick to Islamaphobia

Quiet_Man said...

The Labour Party intend to ban them, that makes them bansturbators.
Politicians leftards and their ilk need to leave people alone to sort their own problems. As Ronald Reagan said, 'The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'
Governments don't help, they accumulate power and those addicted to power. As for democracy, don't make me laugh, we elect politicians who tell us as the Labour Party did that manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation.
Once again you prove that you have no understanding of freedom.

Anonymous said...

To me, and I do not think Rickie could possible understand this, is that the Labour Party were all for these things and even Super Casino's.

They then have the gall, to tell us that they are the one's that are fit to solves societies problems when, in truth, it was those same bastards that created the problem in the first place !

Look at the proposed energy price freeze. Labour brought in the climate change act knowing that it would increase peoples bills and that it would hit the poorest the hardest.


Oh, and as for Islamaphobia, well, you too would be scared if they threatened to chop off you head, blow you up or rape your daughter. But never mind Rickie, you keep you head in the sand mate. Best way to keep it.

Longrider said...

Chris Snowdon has demolished this latest little moral panic over at the Speccie. As is usual, it is all about perception - and in Kim Jong Mil's case, rushing to jump on a bandwagon before it leaves town. There is no evidence of massive gambling problems, just as there has not been a huge rise in gambling establishments. Usual puritan scaremongering

Rickie is talking twaddlwe - people do not need the government to help them. If they have a problem, it is up to them to face up to it and deal with it. The government is likely to make matters worse, not better.

Rickie said...

The Labour party wants to give the power to local councils, local people to decide if they want to ban them, that is freedom...simple, there is no blanket ban, nothing is being forced.

@anon, supercasinos are a different subject altogether, if you are scared of those things you mentioned you are probably spending too long reading exagerrated blogs like this.

I like gambling, i know gamblers and there is no doubt these machines need either banning or restricting, if the councils choose to ban them then the bookies will restrict them instead of losing them.

seems like a good idea to me.

My bet today is a first goalscorer- scorecast.

Sebastien Bassong to score.

Sunderland 0- 1 Norwich city 175/1


Not much chance, but the big bastard will get involved on corners, i like long priced defenders on crazy odds scorecasts.

Wish me

@Longrider- the government is letting the public decide, its a simple but good suggestion from Milliband.

I wouldn't ban them if the bookies heavily restrict them, the prats who play on them most certainly do need help in my opinion.

Longrider said...

The labour party's proposal is not about letting the people decide. Councils are not the people.

The vile Miliband is once again showing his nasty authoritarian tendencies. Freedom does not involve stopping people from doing things. You seem to be taking 1984 as some sort of instruction manual - certainly you are using its definition of freedom. If people are to decide, we allow each and every individual to decide for themselves if they want to play these machines. I choose not to. There, job done. That's how freedom works, not some nasty little bansturbator like Milianbd deciding for them and not the authoritarian bastards in the local council either.

It is not up to you to decide whether the people who play them need help. It is up to them. You are not qualified to decide on their behalf whether they need help or not - and, frankly, it is none of your concern. Your disapproval is irrelevant. You mind your business and let them mind theirs.

Rickie said...

@longrider. why can't bloggers be honest?, milliband isnt deciding who plays these machines,there is no ban, local democracy which are the people that have been chosen by the people will decide the outcome. The article in the link is simple and staightforward but as soon as it reaches the blog it gets bastardised into something completely different

I am qualified to offer my opinion which counts for a lot more than a lot of bloggers who hate politicians and will not vote, my approval is relevant and it is my business cos i vote, i use bookies sometimes and i see the types who play them and the desperation written all over their faces.

In your cosy naive world of freedom, people who need help don't exsist, there are no retarded types who need advice or help or government intervention on any matter, i reckon those machines do need limiting at least, the threat that local councils can decide means a solution will be reached

i suppose my opinion comes from seeing the problem in action , where yours is head up your arse, never been in a bookies hippy freedom dreaming/anti politicians shite where the vulnerable , stupid or retarded don't exsist

My bet lost, Sebastien bassong slipped up and landed on his arse during a corner in the final seconds of the match, score 0-0

Quiet_Man said...

My my, whatever makes you think bloggers don't vote? We just simply don't vote mainstream for the most part as we believe them to be corrupt to the core with no interest in the people who elect them.
Nor do we have a problem with people using gaming machines because we are all for personal choice and freedom and the greatest freedom of all is the freedom to take the consequences of your actions.
As it is, year by year and bit by bit politicians and their ilk have been slowly removing our freedoms and pleasures or pricing them beyond the means of ordinary people, then wondering at the unforeseen consequences of their actions. They put up the price of alcohol, so now people buy bootleg booze, they put up the price of cigarettes and so people bought from smugglers. Now Labour propose to ban gaming machines in pubs, guess what will happen? Somehow, somewhere someone will find the means to take a serial gamblers money off them and the money won't go back to the government and they won't be stopped when they actually run out of cash and the heavies decide to take back their pound of flesh.
Your trust in democracy and the good intentions of elected officials is horrifyingly naive as week after week tales come to light of councillors and politicians robbing us blind and putting the interests of lobbyists and special interest groups ahead of the people they are supposed to represent.
Truly you are one of the people who gets exactly the government you deserve by not holding them to account for every move they make to take away our freedoms.

Longrider said...

Ah, yes, local democracy. Some jumped up little jobsworths get to decide whether people may play these machines. That is not freedom, it is tyranny.

Both QM and I have assessed the article accurately and it is you who has tried to twist the word freedom to mean stopping people doing things. The only person who may decide who plays the machines or not is the individual - as soon as someone else decides - be it local government or national - it is not freedom. You do not make people free by telling them what to do or stopping them doing something that is not causing anyone else any harm.

Get yourself a dictionary and look up the word freedom because you clearly have no idea what it actually means.

And your opinion is meaningless - much like arseholes everyone has one and yours has no more value than anyone else's; and what other people do with their time or money is none of your damned business. The only opinion in that instance that matters is that of the individual making the decision to play the machine.

In your cosy naive world of freedom, people who need help don't exsist, Ah, yes, the classic strawman argument (not to mention the ad-hom). I didn't say this, but don't let it stop you making an arse of yourself by trying to convince yourself that I did. It is not your place to force help on those who don't want it. It is not the place of the state to do so either. If they want help, they will seek it. Otherwise no one else's business.

Anonymous said...


I do not need to get my scare stories from the blogs. I can see it in the MSM, when they bother to report it. What I like about this and other blogs, whether they talk about Muslims or anything else is, they speak, usually from a position of knowledge. I am mature enough and discerning enough to filter out the crap. There are many blogs I no longer visit because the material is substandard.

Casino's and gaming machines are the same thing. Gambling is gambling and dismissing Labour's double standards in such a way does rather strike me of a man who knows he has just lost an argument but thinks some little one-liner will trump all. Sorry mate, I gave you an example and you turned a blind eye. E for effort ! Go to the back of the class and stay after school.

I have know many recovering alcoholic's. One thing they always tell me about quitting the habit is, it must come from them. They must want to give up the bottle first, then seek help.

Longrider said...

I have know many recovering alcoholic's. One thing they always tell me about quitting the habit is, it must come from them. They must want to give up the bottle first, then seek help.

Likewise - hence my contempt for Rickie's idiotic and ignorant comments. He lost the argument the moment he started using logical fallacies.

Rickie said...

The old Bansturbators theme is the same whichever thread your read it on, jumped up control freak authoritans forcing their views on the public, what never gets a mention are the victims the vulnerable, the poor or the plain stupid who may benefit from help or advice or new laws, its a bastardisation of the topic so it can be used for a rant on a blog.

Quiet man did just that with his blanket ban comments on gaming machines, his drinking outside pubs in summer ban that dosen't exsist, the smoking ban dosen't cover outside pubs in summer either.

Perhaps its time you took onboard the big picture of proposed help from politicians instead of ignoring half the subject and twisting the topic to have a pop at bansturbators, the fucking bans just don't exsist, the smoking ban is the biggest lie of all from twisted has been banned from smoking ever.

I bought cheap beer today at sainsburys, i can get bet heavily online and in bookies too, i would rather those machines which are a draw to fuckwits to be limited...i know they are a problem, the bookies know they are to gamblers, thats why they have almost used up the limits on machines they are allowed to have in bookies, its space in tiny bookies thats the reason its not 100% taken up.

@anon, Casinos are rare, i know of only one locally 20 miles away and thats members only, supercasinos would have been even harder to find, its not the same as high street bookies , i have no problem with casinos and its got nothing to do with this subject , your fucked up nonsense about Labour double standards, betting has been going on decades under every government.

@Longrider, your fucked up views are quite staggering, local democracy is exactly that and not a tyranny, the shit about opinions is muddled up confused crap that dosen't make sense, im entitled to my opinion and it has value because i vote, many bloggers won't vote so their opinion counts for nothing.

Will you vote?, your view of politics suggest you won't and if you do why are you taking part in the circus? if you abstain then my opinion has more value than yours.

I.m afraid in the cosy naive world of bansturbating bloggers , the people who need help don't exsist becasue they get in the way of the bansturbating bollocks so they never get a mention, its all about smartarse bloggers who don't need help , the big picture gets overlooked and whats left gets a twist to suit a rant.

Longrider said...

The old Bansturbators theme is the same whichever thread your read it on, jumped up control freak authoritans forcing their views on the public, what never gets a mention are the victims the vulnerable, the poor or the plain stupid who may benefit from help or advice or new laws, its a bastardisation of the topic so it can be used for a rant on a blog.

You really are a massive twat, aren't you? Democracy is at best, two wolves and a sheep discussing lunch. it is not a panacea. It should - but doesn't - ensure liberty.

We do not need more laws to "help" people and only an authoritarian fuckwit would think that we do. Our parliament has been spewing laws out of its collective backside to no good purpose for decades now and we are not better off because of it.

If people need help, there is help available to them if they want it. That you think we need laws to force help on them says an awful lot about your personality. It is not up to you, local government, the demos or parliament to tell them that they need it. It also tells me that you are staggeringly ignorant about that which you pontificate upon. But then, someone who goes into a betting shop and has the supreme arrogance to make judgements about other customers tells us a great deal as well.

Once again, I notice you resort to the strawman argument, putting words into our mouths that we never said. So, yet again, you demonstrate your own inability to present a coherent argument and back it up with logic, reason and fact - instead we get idiocy and stupidity.

Longrider said...

Oh, yeah and voting does not give your opinion more weight. It is as worthless as anyone else's - although having been exposed to it, I'm inclined to suggest it is worth significantly less, given that all I've seen spewing from your keyboard is utter ill-conceived idiocy. The idea that your opinion is somehow worth so much that through voting that it should be forced upon those who do not go along with your fucked-up authoritarian view of the world is supremely arrogant. The only opinion that counts is that of the individual involved - in this case, the one making the decision or not to play these machines.

So, just so that we are clear - your opinion has no value - not even when you vote.

Dioclese said...

I notice he's not proposing a ban on these machines, just a law to pass the buck to councils so he can blame them for not banning them.

Anonymous said...


I think you are missing my point. I am describing the hypocrisy of the Labour party on this issue.

Labour love big government. Big government is good for unions and Civil Servants but not so good for those that have to pay for them.

Why do you think it is good to go out to work, only for most of you money to be taken in one form or another to finance these parasites. That unless you work for the Government yourself ?

Red Ed was part of a Government that brought theses bloody things in anyway. Now he thinks it OK to remove them. But what he really wants is an excuse to create a law which, overtime, will be expanded to cover other areas. This is how it all starts.

They're all bloody power mad. And they want power of you and your money. What are you going to do when all your hard work sweat and toil goes just to support these people ? What then !

Rickie said...

Oh dear Longrider all this shite about my opinions being meaningless and worthless,....what the fuck is that all about?, when you offer your opinions and so do many bloggers on a daily basis, there is no point in making comments like that, i don't say anyone elses opinion doesn't count or shouldn't be aired....its extreme arrogance from you to try and silence my opinion up when you are a prolific blogger pontificating daily yourself.

Give that shit a rest , its pointless crap.

I speak from knowledge about the subject, i have played those machines , i know people who do, i know they are a problem, i agree with Miliband giving the choice to councils to ban them, i hope they are limited and not banned.

Its no big deal,its my honest opinion, the opinion from Quiet man was to bastardise the story and call it blanket bans, and then dream up more blanket bans over sports fans, people who like to drink, union activists etc.

There are no blanket bans they don't exsist.

I know bloggers like to add some frills to the story and get extreme to get a reaction but that rant from Quiet man was full of bollocks, it skipped over the real issues about "gamimg machines" and went all cock eyed into a fantasy world of bans.

I'm not surpised he imagines bans exsist, they pop up like weeds on blogs, another rant, another ban.

Quiet_Man said...

Giving someone the power to ban something means that you intend it to be used, that means that those who use it without becoming obsessed by it suffer too.
In my home town the council took the decision by byelaw to ban drinking outside of pubs along the high street, two of the pubs have now closed as their custom has moved on.
You simply don't have a clue as to what actually is going on in real life and your naivety as to the political consequences of giving someone power without control or oversight by the voters is astonishing.
Again and again instances have arisen where councils have abused statutory powers given them by parliament, look up RIPA for examples.

Longrider said...

You haven't really read what Miliband is planning, have you? Passing the authority to local councils to ban these things is simply banning by proxy (if it all goes tits up he can claim that it was all the fault of the local council). Using the sham of democracy as an excuse does not alter the fact that it is still a restriction on someone's freedom. The majority have no place restricting the minority's liberty simply by the fact that they are the majority - that is tyranny. It also ignores the fact that a compulsive gambler will find another outlet for that compulsion, so the problem - if there is one - doesn't go away.

And, yes, your opinion is meaningless and irrelevant. I repeat - because you clearly have some difficulty comprehending this simple point - the only opinion that matters is that of the individual making the decision, just as I tell those who like to lecture me about the dangers of motorcycling to keep their opinions to themselves as they are not relevant either.

If it is a problem, it is a problem for them to deal with if they choose to do so. You have no business forcing your opinions on them via the ballot box or anywhere else. If they don't want your help then leave them alone.

Longrider said...

Oh, yeah, pointing out that your opinion is meaningless is not silencing you. Another strawman and a feeble minded one at that.

Rickie said...

@Quiet man, your power and bans political consequences doom filled shite is to be expected from you , the reality of course is always in the bits you fail to anti social drinking problem solved by local people for the benefit of locals.

Pubs close down because younger generations have no interest in them, coffee shops spring up everywhere and are booming becasue thats where they want to go, the smoking ban gets the blame of course by anti freedomongers but it dosen't affect coffee shops.

the truth is simple but boring ...supping beer all night has lost its appeal big time, unless its in the most trendy of places.

@longrider, total bollocks about a sham of democracy by proxy and tits up shit, restrictions of liberty and freedom...this is about gaming machines not an invasion of Syria, its a small issue that you don't give a fuck about cos you haven't a clue what these machines are and who plays them...your freedom chants just kick in whatever the subject is.

Bloggers have fed the guillable with stories of bansturbator monsters, except there are no blanket bans, no liberty restrictions...its all shite and you have fallen for it hook line and sinker, you still have your freedoms as you have always done except the world has decided non smokers should not be forced to inhale smoke fumes....time to get over it and move on.

Quiet_Man said...

Rickie I have yet to meet someone more ignorant of how life actually works and all the freedoms we've lost because of democracy and its abuse by the political classes aided and abetted by morons like you.
You know nothing and boast about your ignorance parading it like a banner with strawman arguments and a startlingly childlike histrionics in your inability to prove anything you say other than it's your opinion and isn't backed up with anything like proof from recognised independent studies.
Frankly I'd be amazed if you weren't a Labour party drone, as that's all you appear to be able to spout.

Longrider said...

@longrider, total bollocks about a sham of democracy by proxy and tits up shit, restrictions of liberty and freedom...this is about gaming machines not an invasion of Syria, its a small issue that you don't give a fuck about cos you haven't a clue what these machines are and who plays them...your freedom chants just kick in whatever the subject is.

When faced with the paucity of one's argument, resort to logical fallacy (the strawman again) and spewing irrelevant crap about in the hope that maybe no one will notice you are talking from your arse.

Sorry to disabuse you (actually, I'm not remotely sorry - you are an unmitigated twat), but you are talking from your arse and have no idea what you are talking about.