Friday, December 20, 2013

A damning indictment of racism against the white working class

It seems that our police fearful of being racist against certain scum whose religion has become a byword for extremism, intolerance and criminal behaviour decided to ignore the victims of the grooming scandal in Rochdale, because... they were from council estates.
An excuse that is only part of the truth I suspect.
One of Britain's worst child sex-grooming gangs was allowed to flourish in Rochdale because police ignored their victims when they found out they were from council estates, the local MP has said.
Labour's Simon Danczuk said officers' class snobbery was one of a catalogue of failings by Greater Manchester Police and other agencies in their handling of the scandal, highlighted in the Serious Case Review published today.
According to its findings, a 'significant part' of the sexual exploitation committed against young girls should have been predicted and prevented.
Five of six victims on whom the report focused were 'clearly in need of early help and at times intervention' by safeguarding agencies for several years before they were abused.
The abuse centred around nine men, eight of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan, who worked for or were connected to taxi firms and takeaway food outlets.
Part of the report which showed that, of 40 child protection conferences, for one of the victims there is no record of police attendance or involvement.
You'll note that the racial part of the scandal has been pretty kept under wraps, but has been reported in the press elsewhere that muslim males of Pakistani descent have a major problem with civilised behaviour where it comes to other cultures, particularly women. It's reinforced by their barbaric tribal customs and exacerbated by the religion of the paedo-prophet who had no problems raping, enslaving and deflowering girls at the age of nine. Plus we know that muslims see Mo as the most perfect of men and to be emulated by muslims, so there is a major problem when islam runs up against civilised values.
Where it really goes wrong though is where the political correctness culture becomes a roadblock in the way of treating all victims equally as the police, social services and the CPS were all afraid to act due to having to deal with a minority culture and were afraid of accusations of racism.
Not that this excuses the Pakistani community, they bloody well knew what was going on and condoned it because it wasn't their women being raped and abused!
There is simply no place for islam in a civilised society, we need to be rid of this evil in our midst as soon as possible.

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john in cheshire said...

QM I agree entirely with you. I just hope I live to see the day when our country is once again free from muslims and their socialist running dogs.

JuliaM said...

Hugh Muir in the 'Guardian' is adamant that this is nothing to do with political correctness, oh dear me, no...