Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You don't say?

Once again the government seems to have (rather like the previous government) a flawed grasp of good housekeeping where it comes to budgetting. It like Labour appears to believe that the best and most efficient way to do anything is to tax us all to the hilt and then distribute what's left of the proceeds to various groups deemed 'worthy' by them.
A scheme to “bribe” new mothers to breastfeed with shopping vouchers is flawed because there is no way to check the recipients are breastfeeding their babies, an MP has warned.
Researchers said the trial scheme is an attempt to tackle “stubbornly low” rates of breastfeeding in parts of the UK.
From this week, new mothers living in parts of Yorkshire and Derbyshire will be offered £120 in vouchers for high-street chain stores such as Argos, Debenhams and Poundstretcher and supermarkets Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, if they sign forms declaring that they have breast-fed their child for six weeks, with a further £80 at six months. Researchers admitted there is nothing to stop the women who enrol in the scheme from using the vouchers to buy cigarettes or alcohol.
Gosh, researchers have found that people will behave like people when given vouchers or cash and spend them on stuff they want, rather than what the health fascists believe they should spend it on.
Bribing a woman to breast feed is probably a waste of time anyway, they'll either do it because they want to or simply not, but if you throw in a taxpayer bribe, well hey, they'll agree to breastfeed whether they actually do or not and simply pocket the cash. It's exactly this sort of government profligacy that irritates the hell out of taxpayers because it's simply not necessary, same with green taxation and family tax credits.
Just lower the bloody taxes and stop funding enviroloonies, quango's health Nazis, fake charities and give us all a break from those who hector us from the public purse!
You know it makes sense.

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Macheath said...

Formula milk costs about £8 a week.

Leaving aside all the other arguments (healthy, right temperature, the cat can't get at it etc...), if a mother is determined enough to consider forking out that much on a regular basis, I can't see the financial incentive working.

Of course, some canny mothers might just sign up and use the 'reward' vouchers to pay for formula milk.

Anonymous said...

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